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Does holding in Weed smoke actually make you higher?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sceaspit11, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. And then i've read these studies about how 90% percent of the THC is absorbed instantly, and that makes ZERO sense because your lungs can't even absorb 90 percent PERIOD, like even if you held it for 5 minutes, only so much can be absorbed out of a single hit, and its NOT 90%...

    I've heard some ppl say only 20% can be absorbed out of each hit but idk about that.. I've obnly heard about that a couple times..
  2. Yeah they do.. but it's anywhere from .1-5% (I've read 3%, but I'm extending it because nothing's perfect), and the longer you hold it, the frequency of absorption steadily decreases from that ~5%.
  3. Yeah after a certain point it just stops but that whole thing about it ALL being absorbed within the first 2 or 3 secs is just B.S
  4. What makes you think that?
  5. [quote name='"Hali Hostility"']

    Garbage Grove:pjk it's really not that bad...
    Where are you at?:smoke:

    Yeah the difference is pretty minimal for just regular tokin, but when you're down to nothin that shit makes all the difference in the world:p[/quote]

    Thats where I use to live by beach and garden grove
  6. No it doesnt
  7. Well you didn't really give a relative length of time to compare from. But holding in for about 3-5 seconds is all you need to get most, if not all, the THC from the smoke. Holding in your hit for 10-20 seconds and shit is useless, and just does unnecessary damage to your lungs.

  8. This is what I believe.
  9. I think holding it in at least 5 seconds is enough.
  10. #30 Hali Hostility, Aug 8, 2012
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    I've read and heard TONS about how your lungs just do not have the capacity to absorb ALL the thc in your hit, unless it's a really small hit, and has some room to move around in there, it just has to do with the thickness of the smoke and the walls of your lungs and stuff, I'm not sure if the amount is as low as 15% but I dont think that its 100% or 90% either..

    I like to take small inhales of air while i'm holding it to like, stir it up on the walls of my lungs:p
    I feel like it makes a small difference.:smoke:
  11. CKtony is it ok to hold it in for like a second or two?
  12. When i first started i`d hold for 10secs but honest if my tolerance is at the level i like it at 4,5 secs is all it takes to feel as high as if i kept it in for 10 secs. I`ve never tried just exhaling straight away i feel its a waste to do so given everything i`ve heard/read
  13. I sometimes hold it in so the smoke cools down a bit and doesn't like punch the back of your throat making you like hack for like 10 mins xD
  14. sometimes I hold my breath, Till I get fighter pilot tunnel. not sure why or where I got it from... idk... though I'm sure every one is different and I mean if u get high who the hell cares? DO YOU BOO BOO!
  15. Yeah its perfectly fine, it doesn't really make THAT much a difference, Its pointless unless your seriously hurtin for herb..
  16. It really does! Hold it in for about 8 seconds and you should feel it on the exhale :eek: especially bongs. I love bongs they have the power! :smoke:
  17. Haaa i do the same thing, and it's kinda a contradiction cause you'd think holding the hot in would be worse than getting it out, but its like burning your lungs doesn't feel quite as bad as your throat...:p
  18. It does, but if your smoking multiple bowls or you have a regular amout its just kinda harming your lungs for no reason, its really not good for the smoke to be in there at all, so holding it is just like... ya know?

    But i know what your sayin..

    BONG POWAA!:metal:
  19. Holding in a hit more than 3 seconds is pointless. The cannabinoids are released almost instantly.

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