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does holding in weed smoke actually get you higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nachtfarbton, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. i am sure this question has been asked before, but does anyone know conclusively if holding in the smoke gets you higher or just more carcinogenic tar? i heard that 99% of thc was absorbed almost instantly -- does anyone know?
  2. Holding it in for 5-7 seconds gets you more high, but after that time all the THC is already absorbed.
  3. if you hold it in for 3 seconds 90% of the thc is absorbed, so guess 5 seconds for all of it to be absorbed

    me personally i hold it in for 10 seconds each hit.
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  4. 10 seonds? That's just dumb
  5. The answer was already given, but basically anything over 5-7 seconds is pointless. 90-95% is absorbed within those first few seconds (your lungs have more surface area than you think). After that, I think the rate is something like 1% every second or so.

    This really needs to be brought to more people's attention. Too many times I see people either showing off or just plain damaging their lungs by holding their smoke for ridiculous spans of time. It's not cool, it's dumb.
  6. I don't know. Lately I've been smoking out of the window in my room and ghosting my hits in order to minimize the smell, and I seem to be getting noticbly higher than usual when I hold in my hits extra long.
  7. I remember when I first started smoking, I would hold in my hits really long. I don't do that anymore, but I just started holding it a bit longer, and I've been noticing my high stays longer. Worth the hassle if you ask me. 5-6 seconds should do, I know people who blow out the smoke immediately, which can be annoying.
  8. 5-7 seconds for sure.
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  9. If you sit by your window, and continuously take deep breaths, holding them in for extended periods of time, you're going to be a bit light headed. Drugs or no drugs.

    You're just depriving your body of oxygen. But hey, if that's how you want to get high then by all means...
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  10. chicagos every time. hold it in till i get whatever were blazing again, usually a bowl with 3 or 4 other people, or a blunt.
  11. All you're doing is cutting off oxygen to your brain and killing brain cells.

    After 5 seconds, there's no reason to hold in any more smoke.
  12. what does ghosting your hits mean?
  13. breathing into a blanket maybe? i dunno
  14. i've been hearing a lot of 5-7 seconds from my friends and such. so i guess thats right.
  15. yep your stone will be more intense
  16. It's holding your hit in until your lungs have absorbed everything you inhaled, leaving nothing when you exhale but what your body puts out.

    I usually hold my hits in for probably 5 seconds just out of habit, I've heard longer than that was useless and I guess that's true.
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    Okay so I'm holding my breath. Does that mean that if I go swimming too often I'll also kill my brain cells?

    I'm not saying I do this every time ( I don't), I only hold in my hits extra long when I'm trying to conceal the smell. All I meant was that it was something I had noticed which may or may not mean anything, and even if it was just being normally lightheaded from holding in my breath that wouldn't explain why the high was more intense throughout and lasted much longer . But it also occurred to me the other day that if you absorb 95% of the THC in the first 5 seconds then that also probably means you absorb the other 5% of the other amount if time, so if you do that you will probably get a bit higher.

    But hey, lots of different factors go into how ripped you get, so who knows.

  18. just thought i would say that you would have to hold your breath for nearly 10 seconds too start damaging brain cells. and also, do you know how many brain cells you have? you have over 100,000,000. and holding your breath for a while constantly still wouldnt do much damage at all. not flaming at you specifically hahaa justi n general. i hate it when people say its bad, the only bad thing is tar. that is all. i just dont think you people can hold it in like us.
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  19. It means holding in the smoke for so long that your lungs absorb all of the smoke and the impurities in it so when you blow out there is nothing there but breath. This can be bad because all of the smoke is now IN your lungs until your body gets rid of it. This is what leads to Tar build up so Ghosting may be cool but in the long run its bad for you. Think about it everything you breath out is staying IN your lungs thats just not good.

    Hope this helps.

    -AK Ninja
  20. yeah that's true it's more of a once in while thing in my opinion
    but the best part is later while you're completely blazed you'll burp out a nice cloud of smoke

    so that's cool

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