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Does holding in vapor make you higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Immune21, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Ive seen a lot of people say that holding in weed vapor makes you higher (I have a MFLB).

    Is this true? Or am I just killing brain cells? What's the science behind this?
  2. Even though the good stuff to bad stuff ratio is way higher than smoking, the THC absorbs just as fast and you won't be doing yourself any good after more than a few seconds.
  3. From what I've heard vapor is different than smoke in a way that it's alright to hold it in longer. Ideally you shouldn't see any vapor when you exhale.
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    It doesn't do anything after about 10 seconds because your lungs only absorb air for that long so your best bet is to take smaller hits. Also your not killing brain cells unless your holding your breath for about 3 minutes.
  5. Anyone else got any ideas?
  6. No its exactly like smoking, the thc is absorbed in the first couple seconds so there is no need to ghost it
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    Yes, it gets you higher. Vape hits should always be ghosted. THC doesn't absorb as quick through vapour, and it doesn't have any crap like tar, so it is completely safe as long as you don't burst a nut trying to hold your breath. Vapour visible upon exhaling is wasted vapour.

    This is a post I wrote a while back about hitting the MFLB, try it out and see if it works well for you:

    Search around a bit next time, you can learn a lot just by reading random threads :)
  8. Holding it in for a few seconds to allow the THC to be absorbed will get you higher to a point. Anything past what you normally do when smoking, then there is no point.
  9. There's a differnce between smoking and vaping though. twisted elegence said it best though, your supposed to ghost the vapor, especially when it's a small portable one like MFLB.
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    Maybe because sometimes random Threads can be the most unreliable source of information you can find.

    The reason that you don't ghost normal hits is because after 5 - 7 seconds your lungs have absorbed all the THC possible and all you're doing is causing lung/brain damage. I would assume the same is true with vaporization and therefore I never hold my hits for more than 10 seconds, unless you're trying to lose all your brain cells.
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    wrong. smoking and vaping is a big difference. yes you do ghost your vape hits, just don't be holding your breath for 30 seconds haha.

    @blunt, 10 seconds would be the right amount to hold your breath. obviously with whip style vaporizers like the da buddah and stuff your not ganna ghost the whole thing, but atleast as much as you can. with the mflb there should be little to no vapor after a hit
  12. Well then I wouldn't say that it's correct to ghost your hits. Personally, ghosting a hit to me would mean holding it for 20 seconds or more. However, like I said, holding your breathe can result in brain damage. It's not like you're going to go brain dead from it, but it's harmful to hold your breathe for long period of times, especially repetitively.

    Personally I'm a Buddha owner and I know it's impossible to ghost a hit as you said Nathan.
  13. Oh haha well I was reffering to when you use the MFLB, like the op said he had. Never had any problems ghosting using that, I don't hold it longer that long either.

    I thought this was a help thread not an overall usage one haha my bad
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    Lol what? Yes, you don't ghost normal SMOKE hits. No, they don't cause brain damage. The reason you don't ghost smoke hits is that after the 5-7 seconds of THC being absorbed, the only thing you will be getting in your lungs is crap like tar while ghosting a hit, hence lung damage, not brain damage. I haven't seen anyone stupid enough to hold their breath for so long while ghosting a hit that they turn blue in the face and start damaging their brains, I think it's safe to say most people would automatically breathe way before that point.

    With vaping, on the other hand, THC gets absorbed by the lungs slower. Hence, you should always aim to never have too much vapour upon exhaling. If you'd do what most people do, you'd never ever damage your brain by ghosting a vape hit lol. Visible vapour is wasted THC. If you'd read my post properly, you would have seen that I recommend inhaling vapour until your lungs are 80% full, after which you proceed to breathe fresh air deeply till your lung capacity is reached and then hold your breath until comfortable. Most people can easily hold their breath like that for 15-20 seconds, which is usually more than enough to ghost a medium vape hit without causing any discomfort. If you can't hold your breathe that long, an easy way to ghost a vape hit while still getting oxygen is to exhale a tiny bit of vapour when youre out of breath and quickly replace it with fresh air and then hold your breath again as long as its comfortable. I'm not telling anyone to strictly hold their breathe for 30 seconds even if they're gasping for breath.

    No brain damage:rolleyes:
  15. Have you not forgotten the lack of oxygen to your brain?
  16. But it is for 10-12 seconds, before which you already inhaled a bit of air.. and after those 10-12 seconds you can inhale a bit more air before holding your breath again. Such a small timeframe isn't close to enough to cause brain damage with vapour. Ghosting smoke hits on the other hand is just nasty.
  17. this, I usually try and hold it in as much as I feel comfortable but with a whip you cant really ghost hits completely.

  18. theres a difference between ghosting vape and smoke though. like to ghost smoke you have to hold your breath for a hell of a long time but for smaller vapes like the mflb 10 seconds would do you pretty well. if people tell you to ghost bigger vaporizers then they are stupid. ghosting bigger vaporizers is like ghosting smoke you'd have to hold your breath for 20+ seconds and thus can cause oxygen deprivation. the main rule is ghost smaller vapes not bigger ones
  19. or ghost bigger vapes a little by little, like i said before. everytime you feel like you want to breathe, let out a little vapour and replace it with a deep breathe of fresh air. proceed to hold your breath as long as it's comfortable :\ 1-2 of these and most hits should get ghosted. think of it like a whale or whatever coming up to breathe in between a swim. it doesn't really waste any vapour too coz whatever little vapour comes out when you exhale is at the top of your throat so its probably not gonna get absorbed anyway.

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