Does high CBD bud have trichomes on it?

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  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but i just bought some bud from the dispensary that they listed as around 0.3% THC and 15% CBD. And I can see some crystals on it, I thought crystals were a sign of high THC? Can someone explain? Thanks!

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    The cristals are full of like 50 different cannabinoids, including THC and CBD.
  3. I thought the number was closer to 200,but this ^ trichomes contain the cannabinoid content, or majority of it rather, not just the ever popular thc
  4. Yes, good high CBD buds should look somewhat similar in terms of dankness to regular buds. Some strains differ but when you touch it, smell it, see it, there is definitely a distinctive difference. This is some Charlotte's Web I have. It's very resiny and some of the strongest smelling herb I've had in a while, but it smells slightly different and you can tell it's different herb by looking at it. Cannatonic, Blue Dynamite, AC/DC, same thing; AC/DC had the worst look IMO even though it had the highest CBD levels.
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