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Does Heavy Long Term Cannabis Use Affect The Ability To Form And Sustain Love Relationships?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by faust77, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Hello all,
    I am new hear and have a question I specifically want to ask those who have been using cannabis long term. I have used cannabis myself in the past but I would say I was nothing more than an occasional user.
    I am interested in how you feel long term cannabis use as affected both your desire and ability to form and sustain romantic relationships. My older brother who is now 25 started smoking sporadically in his mid teens andnow at 25 he smokes cannabis throughout the day, to basically get though the day. The same goes for a lot of his friends. Most of them are good looking guys who girls seem to like but they all seem pretty reluctent to pursue relationships. My brother last year had a gorgeous girl practically thow herself at him (repeatedly, they hooked up a couple of times) but even though he said he really liked her he failed to make any move or ask her out and eventually she lost interest. I know he gets quite bad anxiety when he is straight as well which makes relationships tricky for him, its like for him it is just less hassle to be alone with his mates who are cool with his smoking.
    I want to know if heavy long term smoking interferes with your ability to have relationships, does it interact with your brain chemistry in some way to make romantic relationships less of a priority?
    Any insight would be much appreciated, thank you!

  2. Cannabis does affect part of the limbic system which is responsible for emotions but it doesn't necessarily interfere with one's capability to fall in love or facilitate relationships. If the individual isn't strongly defined by emotion then its less of a priority for them, maybe there are just not interested in relationships or dating. 
    If the person isn't miserable then let them live their life. I'm the same way, I'm already content with my life (introverted) so I don't need to fill a void. 
  3. Thanks for your reply, I am not concerned really if it is right or wrong more as to whether cannabis use especially long term heavy use does affect your ability to form and maintain relationships, if it effects your emotions and therefore how you prioritise romantic relationships in your life. I myself when I have used have noticed that it sort of has an anesthetizing effect on emotions but due to my light, short term use it was always a temporary effect.
  4. It sounds like your brother is either insecure about himself or uninterested in pursuing a relationship. 
  5. Maybe its not so much the cannabis making him have no interest, but that he actually does not have interest in being in a relationship? I don't care for a relationship right now, sure it's nice to hang out with others but at this point in time I am happy with what I'm doing in my life, that I do not have the time or care to have a full pledged relationship.
  6. Sounds like me sort of.
    I used to have really bad anxiety, which when I was smoking daily would be HEAVILY exacerbated while I was sober. I went 2 years and would occasionally hook up with girls when I was drunk or have a few throw themselves at me, but I never had any interest in pursuing.
    I finally came to the conclusion that it was my anxiety. I stopped smoking for awhile, worked on myself and the flaws in myself that I didn't like, and once my confidence was WAY up I started smoking again.
    My highs were 10x better and I was fine chillin with girls while high too.
    I never recommend smoking daily to people with low self-esteem until they've corrected the flaws they see in themselves and feel self-confident.
  7. He sounds like a normal 25 year old dude to me?
    You have to take into account too that once people get older(Mid to late twenties is when it starts happening) they start dating instead of being in relationships and becoming EXTREMELY picky when looked for a girlfriend/boyfriend. Sounds like there was a major flaw with the girl in question and he didn't want to deal with it
  8. I am almost 66 years old. I have used cannabis for over 45 years.   :smoke:  I have been married to the same dude for 44 years.  :love:   So judging from experience, I don't believe that using cannabis prevents you from forming a long term, stable relationship!  :laughing:
    Your brother and his friends are just typical commitment-phobic bachelors!    :love:  :bolt:
    Granny  :wave:
  9. I don't believe it's the weed one bit. I'm 20, and I've been with the same girl for almost 4 years. Started smoking two ago. At this point, I think our relationship is better than ever. She doesn't even mind that I use some unmentionables, because I'm a gosh darned good mate to her.
  10. 2 years late but I just wanted to give my opinion. I was never the most confindent person out there since my teen years. Now I am 29 and have been smoking almost daily for about 16 years, yup I started young, not that proud.
    Now looking back I can say that today I am super confident and secure about myself and smoking has nothing to do with it. I found my own way to grow more secure and I am obviously not a player but I can talk to any girl with out hesitation.
    I've been living with my gf for almost 3 years now, and we both heavily smoke.
    So no, it's more about yourself than your weed.
    Unless it's pure schwag with secundary effects like mood drops or boredome
  11. Hell no.....
  12. Nope me and my fiance smoke everyday
  13. Almost 68 now, still with my hubby!
  14. You'll be fine bro, just smoke a little everyday not all day(even tho nothing is wrong with that) but at night after you're done with the day take a few bong hits that what I do & I've been fine. Been on varsity swimming and track while tokin every night


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