Does heaven get boring?

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  1. I personally believe that what what you believe is true. I believe nothing, because when I die I want it to be the end. But if your Christian or whatever, and you go to heaven, are you really there forever? Like damn, I don't wanna be chillin' with Jesus for 10,000 years. 10,000,000,000 years...
  2. I say who gets boring from time to time, and that shit is here now, so get out there and make it exciting. Worry about heaven if and when you get there.
  3. I don't think that our hypothetical beliefs can really manifest reality in any concrete way other than the fact that our beliefs affect our actions which contribute to cause and effect.
  4. i just realized im way to high to read that. i need to get off the internet. but 1st, i dont think heaven would get boring with all that super heaven haze that keeps you high a million jears :smoking:
  5. If I believed it was real..yes I think it would get quite boring.

    Sure in heaven you get to meet some amazing people, and see your family again but after 10,000 years of the same conversation, it would get pretty dull.

    Jesus:Hey remember the time that I...

    Me:For fucks sakes man If Ive heard your story once, Ive heard it a thousand times. Your book is complimentary upon arrival...

    But seriously hell's got it all. Drugs, sex, good music and there's an abundance of newcomers everyday. Never a dull moment in hell.

    Hells like that rowdy next door neighbor of yours. You know they're having shitloads of fun.
  6. Lucifer peace'd out didn't he?
  7. Who says heaven is chilling with Jesus for a gazillion years?

    I've seen where we go when we die... and it's the most incredible thing you can't even imagine :)
  8. What did you see?
  9. It doesn't get boring. Boredom doesn't exist there, nor does time. The concept of it is too removed from our way of thinking to really grasp imo.
  10. So r u talking about the escalator up to the pearly gates in the clouds that hollywood has created? I think that heaven will be very diffrent than that. Not saying i know cause i dont nobody does
  11. there will be no "you" to experience the bliss of oness.

    just oneness
  12. Why is heaven so narrowly defined by so many people? Where did all your imaginations go? I know exactly where heaven and hell is. And heaven is beautiful and awesome and definitely not boring, while hell is well, hell.

    If you think hell is cool, then contemplate rape, and strangling babies for at least 3 hours. Then tell me you think hell is still the place to be.

    I saw a vision of heaven once and my mind could not hold it all in. It was way too intense an experience for me to contain. I know now why god does not full reveal itself to us. Because it would instantly kill us if all was revealed in a single moment.

    Anyway, all this talk about heaven is kinda useless. It's like talking about the next time the Mets are gonna win the world series.

    Live you life with honor and then fill it with beauty. The rest will take care of itself.


    p.s. if you think life is boring, all it means is that you're a boring person. Stop being such a boring person and suddenly life will stop being boring......
  13. what if i don't want to be in heaven, but i was good. would they restrict my freedom in heaven? maybe if its a biblical heaven itll suck cuz we will have to follow 613 really lame laws

  14. In my view of heaven, your freedom is actually infinitely increased compared to the freedom you think you have now. You can literally do whatever you want in heaven. So it is whatever you want it to be. If you don't want to be around others, you won't be. If you want to exist on a planet all by yourself you can , whatever you think into being becomes so. By comparison you are very confined and limited in your freedoms living on this earth. You must breathe air, you must live in your body, you must eat and drink to live, etc, etc. In heaven all earthy limitations are gone.
  15. For things to be boring or exciting they have to heaven can't get boring.
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    I feel you are absolutely correct.
  17. Well if most of us blades do make it to heaven which im sure we will.we will a have a higher & fresher state of conciousness. The experience would be beyond your 3d perception.
  18. If what you said is true, that what you actually believe creates what is actually real, then why would you choose to want it to be an end? Why not decide that it's just a beginning instead? After all, if there is nothing except what you already know, as you expect it to be, and you're in fact right, they'll be nothing to notice that you were right all the time, so well-done for getting it right but who cares? However, if there is something else and you've chosen not to open to finding it, then you'll discover this when the time is right.

    The mistake many people make is judging things by what they see and infer from other people. Besides, for me, heaven should be a place on earth, and if you're not seeing it that way, you just haven't found the right way to look yet.
  19. if god exists he could have just put us in heaven first would have saved us a bunch of time. whats the point of earth if theres a heaven?
  20. We were, at least if you interpret the story of Adam & Eve that way.

    In order to realise the truth of ourselves, we'd have to leave such a state so that we'd not only experience life in the way that we do, but one day choose to return to where we came from. When we do, we will be much more than we were when we left.

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