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Does having a swisher get you in the rotation?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CDDIDIT, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Just wanna know what you guys think about this. Obviously don't answer this if you don't like blunts or don't put up with other people for bud. I don't really like blunts but everyone i smoke with does so i don't complain. But anyway lets say your on a smoke mish. You have the bud and its just you and a friend. But you don't have any papers or a piece. Would you let another head on just because they had a swisher? Would it be a good idea to buy a pack of swishers so i could always get on for free? There is this little restaurant where i live and high school kids and some people from the community college hang out there. They always want to put up five. And since some are under 18 this swisher thing could be my knew key to smoking. What do you think? Should i buy a couple packs tonight?
  2. yea i guess if you want to be 'that guy' who always brings a swisher just to get in then go for it. But yea i would say the blunt holder gets to get in on that too otherwise there would be no smoking going on in the first place.
  3. You'll just be screwed when they get tired of blunts and you have a fuckton of swishers left and no bud.
  4. Hell yes I would, you can't smoke unless you let them in on it, and on a later date they'll smoke you up. I always carry Blunt Wraps around with me.
  5. i would let the person supplying the blunt wrap in on the smoke, they threw down on it, IMO.
  6. woooooooooooow its super bowl sunday and heres my story

    it twas around 2 years ago on super bowl sunday, when the steelers won the super bowl HAHAHAHAHAHA, lol sry pitt fans
    well i turned 18 a few days before, i bought a buy one get one free pack of swishers, that night i must have gotten in on around 6 different blunts.

    so yes i would def let that bro in who supplied the wrap
  7. well IMO you cant ALWAYS just be comin through with a wrap but like lets say your in need of somethin to smoke out of, someone with a wrap can definitely get on it. same goes for someone with a lighter, pipe,bong,bub, etc. as long as each person supplies somethin you know
  8. Don't buy a pack, they may dry out if you don't get a chance to use them quick enough. Just buy a fresh one for each occassion where you think you would run into the situation of being able to use it.

  9. exactly. I guess we just needed someone from cali to explain this

    + rep

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