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Does hash need to be decarboxylated?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ZnOT, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Basically what the title says, I was thinking about making some brownies but I don't want the whole house smelling like weed (parents in it) so I thought about using hash instead of the herb because I think I read somewhere it's already decarboxylated or something like that.

    Can I just put the hash into the already baked brownies/cookies/whatever or do I need to cook it just as with herb?

    If I need to cook it, how does it smell compared to the herb? More? Less?

    Any ways to cook some brownies (or other edibles) not too potent (first time trying edibles and first time MJ for some of my friends) that don't create a lot of smell so I can dissipate it in an hour or so with some sprays or whatever?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hash needs to be decarbed the same as herb.
    I don't use it, so can't comment on smell.
    Once decarbed (240 F for 40 min works well), it can be cooked into any recipe, but try to avoid too much additional heat, which can degrade thc.
  3. Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes
    Yes hash stinks when decarbed just as bad as weed does
    No you can't hide it or mask it.
    It'll stink again when cooked in into oil and yet a third time when your bake the brownies.
    5 grams of hash
    1 tablespoon oil (Coconut is best IMO)
    1/2 teaspoon lecithin
    Decarb hash
    Mix with oil
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Reheat and it's done
    Mix with additional oil as needed for your brownies insuring a good blend
    Add blended oils to flour part of brownie mix and cook following standard temps and times on box.
    I do all my hash oil fixings in a stainless steel cat food dish from petco since it fits my coffee mug heater I keep my hash oil hot to cap with.
    Same stuff you'll make your just going to thin it with a lot more oil to bake with. I need it strong and undiluted and gave up making it into foods a long time ago.
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  4. I have an "ozone" generator, an old living air model and it does help mask the smell when doing it in a standard oven, but that's also with the exhaust fans going, toweled doors, febreeze or ozium, and ultimately, timing and decent neighbors, eek!
  5. So, there isn't any ways of getting rid of the smell in like 2-3h?

    I live in a flat, could that be a problem? Don't want the neighbours calling me because their houses smell like weed HAHAHAHAHA
  6. Decarb in a heat proof glass canning jar can control some smell but ... If the jar cracks your hosed.
    An oven proof turkey cooking bag. Seen it but not tried personally
    Toaster oven and work outside is best. Legal here and I don't have to give a damn what the neighbors think.
    Could try the trick the day laborers use to heat their lunch burritos. and use the hot exhaust manifold of the car. But then the car will smell like roasted weed so it's a catch 22 kinda deal.
    Move to a weed friendly state.
    Buy a house
    Move into it
    Cook to your hearts content
    It's really quite simple.
  7. Haha, I would love to buy my own house and cook it, sadly I live in Spain so I don't have the chance to move to a "friendly" state, though I'm considering moving to the US in the future, but I need more money for that.

    Also can't do it in the backyard because I do not have one as I live on a flat, if I had a backyard I would just do it there haha, if people smells weed they just think "Oh someone it's smoking" but doesn't usually call the police.

    And if by any chance the police smelled it, I'm sorry private property, they can't enter and it's not even illegal for me to have weed inside my private property or to smoke/eat it, as long as I'm not selling it.

    But again, sadly, I do not have a backyard, I'm thinking about trying the oven bag (the glass jar seems very unpredictable and I don't want it to explode inside my oven), I can start to decarb it, and if it starts to smell I just stop quickly so it doesn't smell more (probably at that point it won't be hard to get rid of the smell), and I simply do not cook it, my weed will be still good to smoke haha.
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  8. While you're decarbing, cook something that will linger and cover the cannabis aroma. :)
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  9. That's what I though, cooking with some other herb so it covers it, do you have any suggestions? I can't think of something now, but is a very good idea haha
  10. This also will decarb nearly smell free Decarb Myths Debunked
    I own 2, and love them.
  11. Seems cool but I can't afford it atm, plus this is this saturday haha
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  12. Bacon, fish, burger, sauerkraut, etc. :)
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  13. Make firecrackers instead? Difference between smoking out of bong (efficiency wise) and a joint.

    1g will go way farther in a bong (oil) but a firecracker (joint) is the least sketchy thing in your situation. Doesn't really smell (besides decarb).

    As far as stealthy oil is concerned. Do you own a small tent? Do you own a rain cover for said tent? Do you own a tarp that can completely cover said tent and be held down with books? Make a little dryer sheet cover (like all of them taped together)...put this between your tent mesh and raincover then put tarp over. Bring in toaster oven for decarb...crock pot for oil...toaster oven for small cookie batches (or risk the oven on the cookies/brownies as they smell the least ime). Close your room. Have a camp out. Have done this before outside (sans dryer sheets due to being outside) was epic. Some smell escaped but not much at all. Smelled hella in the tent but faint whiff outside. Just make sure it's COOL in the house. Bring a laptop...or something to amuse yourself. It's a little hardcore but it's an ADVENTURE!

    if not...

    Baking weed is a weird kinda smell. It doesn't smell the same as smoked when it's wafting through the walls in an apartment, it's a little harder to place. If someone walks in they are probably going to place it though.

    Burning Toast/Popcorn is a decent solution in a pinch. Be careful not to set off smoke alarms though.
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  14. I think I'll cook a burger, that way I'll make the house smell like meat and I'll have a big burger to either calm the munchies or just eat haha
    Yup, I think I'll be making firecrackers, do you think after covering them up in tin foil I should put them inside an oven bag?

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  15. Report back for sure, necessity is the mother of all great makey worky lab time fun.
  16. If you have one...Peanut butter should keep in almost all the smell so long as you fold trap it in the PB.
  17. I will if I get some weed haha, I'm having a lot of trouble.

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  18. Yah man, that's the worst :(
  19. Yeah, I've already contacted 3 dealers and none of them has any stash, they don't have weed or has or keif, nothing.

    And I don't really want to go asking downtown.

  20. No no this is what I wanted...


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