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Does grinding your herb finer get you higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Doomsayer1355, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. its definatly a more pleasant experience. It burns smoother and more evenly
  2. probaly not it's the same amount of thc , but it is alot better tasting :D
  3. Ever notice how some of the ash in a joint is black, and some is white? White ash means that the herb has burned fully. However, when it is not properly grinded, the inside of the herb, even when the outside is white and fully burned, isn't completely used. Grinding up your herb is the most efficient way to smoke, it also tastes nicer and rolls better.

    In terms of when you're smoking from a pipe or bong though, you don't need to grind it up.
  4. grinded herb cherries better... you get a nice little cherry going and you don't have to spark up every single hit...
  5. i like grinding my ganja.
    i think it gets better hits so its easyer to get a good high
    and when people smoke ground weed it is usually the shake at the bottom of their bag which has more crystals from what falls off the weed so it does get you higher than just a nug of the same weight.
  6. i don't think it get gets you any higher but it does burn better

    if you grind up a fat nug and fill a bowl then the bong creams easier i guess but it doesnt get you higher

    i would still do it if you can though, but its not a massive issue if you use bowls, if youre rolling a joint then its a neccesity
  7. I found that grinding bud for the bong or bowl makes the smoke more harsh then say, breaking it up with your fingers. I only use the grinder for joints.
  8. Grinding increases surface area so if you know anything about physics it means that it will produce more smoke. So you get more tar from it hence more opportunity to get higher. Finely chopped herb will stay lit though longer so for bogs pipes I put the herb straight from the bag i rarely break it up unless its dense bud. All the kripto I buy never has seeds so I never worry about that shit.
  9. Probably. When you use large chunks and bits, you cant fully burn the inside completly. The finer you grind or break it up, the more surface area you cover in the bowl/joint/blunt, and the better and smoother/easier it burns. You dont want it like powder though, that will be more harsh.
  10. It wont get you higher but it damn sure will burn alot more evenly.
  11. Making the buds into a powder/ground up lump is in no way going to increase the amount of THC that the plant produced whilest growing. Once the bud is chopped, it wont get any more potent unless you rub it in kief/hash or somthing.
  12. If you just throw in a large chunk, or a nug. You cant reach the inside in the time in takes to smoke a bowl, there will be green left inside that you cant get to. Basically it just wastes weed by only burning the outside. Pick it apart as fine as you can with your fingers, or buy a 2 or 4 piece grinder.
  13. As far as I can tell, grinding your weed just makes it burn much better and thus gives it the best taste possible. It also makes the herb last a little bit longer, because its being burned more evenly.
  14. I have put in like 3 pieces of a nug (nice size, filled the bowl). Well, after I was done with the bowl and it was "cashed" all the nug was little flaky ash. So I would say the heat detiorates most everything.
  15. I prefer to break it up and not pack the bowl to tightly, mostly for airflow and to burn it evenly, and it milks the bong better and I really enjoy that lol.

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