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Does greyhound check your bags or your pants?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by g00dkUsh2, Aug 25, 2010.

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    if i was to take a grey hound for a far trip across the united states, would they check me at anytime? for illegal items such as weed, and other various objects such as paraphenelia.
  2. i dont know but i doubt it.
  3. nah its not like airports. U'd be fine man
  4. unless you are crossing into canada/mexico they wont check your pockets/carry on, I have traveled Greyhound a lot, and have never been searched by the Greyhound people, but boarder guards are a different story. just put it in a backpack with some cloths and bring it on the bus with you. and if you just order the tickets online you wotn even have to talk to any greyhound people other then the driver to give him your ticket.
  5. I road a bus from MI to SC with a half O and I made it fine. They don't check. Just keep it in your carry on wrapped in some clothes or something.
    I just put it in a glass mason jar and stuck it up my ass and I was fine.

    Happy traveling. :wave:
  6. wait... you stuck a glass mason jar up your ass?

  7. dont google 1 man 1 jar.
  8. Greyhound does not search as far as I am concerned. I have traveled many times on the Greyhound and have NEVER been searched, nor have I ever seen anyone be searched. They just put your luggage on the bus and put you on the bus and go.
  9. I've traveled on greyhound and they never searched anyone.

  10. So you plugged a mason jar....? They might not have found your weed, but im sure they were wondering why you were walking funny.
  11. nope they wont check you, they only want to see your ticket. Ive travelled from school to home with no problems at all.

    I have a buddy who has sat at the back near the bathroom and hit his one hitter without getting caught, but that might be pushing your luck a little too much. Dont wanna get kicked off somewhere far from home with no money for another ticket or anything
  12. Go to a headshop, buy a smell proof baggie. Though they won't check, they will call the police if they smell drugs.
  13. everybody shhhhh!
  14. Wait a second here, they don't usually check you but I've been searched before. When I was transferring buses from Edmonton to Calgary they searched both me and my bags. Luckily I only had about an 1/8th on me and they didn't do anything but take it from me. So just be careful, scope out the transfer site and if you see security checking bags just run to the bathroom and stick your precious herbs down your pants.

    Good luck:)
  15. i didnt read much of what anyone else said lol

    but ive taken greyhound and hid my weed container in my sock
    they never search
  16. good lookin yall!
  17. ive noticed the searches have been random. one day they do, the next they dont. but its just bag checking. not very thorough check though. I put my bud in my glasses case and the security guy just moved it to the side while searching. lol.
  18. My experiences on a greyhound bus sucked, I'm 6'6 so sitting behind someone who is only 6 and is kind enough to jam her fucking chair into my knees for 5 hours was enough. I might try it again from CA to WA who knows, eating some edibles on the bus would be awesome.
  19. this^
  20. Same for me

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