Does green box next to reputation mean negative rep???

Discussion in 'General' started by SauchBoss, May 14, 2010.

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  1. idk how to determine if i am getting negative or positive reps lol
  2. Green means positive.
  3. what does blue mean.

    some are green, some are blue lol
  4. Neutral

    Red is negative.
  5. Green are good

    Blue are neutral

    Red are bad
  6. nice, no reds!!!

  7. Blue!? It's purple man! PURPLE.
  8. Blue??

    That shit's gray-purple..

    Edit: ^ninja'd
  9. Ah the purple/blue/grey/grey purple debate.
  10. gray!!
  11. GREY! You peasants!
  12. it's definitely blue-gray

    edit: fuggin 5 posts within a minute all saying different shit lol
  13. its deffinatly gun metal grey. no way is that shit purple or blue lol.
  14. Purple.

    What do you see?:confused:

  15. Shit load of gray circles surrounding a blue 4 and a purple 2.
  16. ^I see 42, but neutral rep looks grey to me.
  17. This is interesting....:cool:
  18. Haha. EXPLAIN!
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