does grasscity sell zongs?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420toker, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. i'm not sure where i should post this, but i was wondering if the city sells zongs along with bongs? i am looking to get a zong and i can't really find one.

    any help would be great!

  2. im not sure what a zong is, but if they have it im sure you could find it just by looking.
  3. a zong is a bong in the shape of a Z. it's really cool when u take a hit cuz the smoke swirls and shit. it's really trippy.

    i don't think the city sell 'em. i've been on the site looking and looking, and i haven't found em. but just earlier, my buddy told me he has a zong he will sell me for about $100. i know that sounds like much, but he said u can't get them from internet headshops or local headshops. so they r kind of like a 1 of a kind thing. so i might buy his.
  4. no i dont think thye do... zongs r the shit!
  5. I sure hope its either glass or 5 feet tall if he wants $100 for it...
  6. yeah. it's glass. and the cool thing about it, is that it's bent in the shape of a Z, so it's compressed. so if u straightened out the glass to make a regualr bong, it would be about 3-4 ft tall!!! it's bad-ass
  7. i have a zong. you can get them in key west. easily. thats where i got mine. they are sick as hell and i love how it hits. if anyone wants to take a trip to keywest make shure you do, on some avenue i think its duval.. cant really remember, theres like 10 headshops on that street and 2 of them has zongs in there window. i went in and bought it so fast. 130 $ and worth it
  8. Zongs! omg i forgot about those! yea ur right, they DO sell them in Key West, they actually sell some in Marathon, too...thats where my bro got his last spring break...but yea South FL has plenty of zongs...

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