Does going to a concert alone suck?

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    I'm guessing that it would be uncomfortable in the time leading to the performance, but i was wondering if it is worth it at all? Just because i feel like half the excitement is sharing the experience but who knows? not me so let me know what you think!!!

    I wish my friends would go but they have their reasons for not going and i understand. (exept for one who wants to go but wont skip class >.> ).

    Of coarse i will be smoking on the grade A herbs.

    Wiz Khalfia / Snoop Dogg in NYC...

  2. i would really appreciate some opinions/experiences.
  3. Concerts are fun, alone is a little less cool, but just try to meet some new people there. Still it is worth going alone.
  4. It's still fun and totally worth it. I usually end up getting separated from my friends anyways. I'd still go! A lot of people go to concerts alone.
    And maybe you'll end up meeting some new people and won't end up being alone.
  5. I picked "no" But wish there was a third option of "maybe/sometimes"

    I go to a lot of concerts, because of that sometimes I end up going alone.
    Going with friends, my girlfriend, is always the best. But going alone can be cool too. There are times when being there alone sucks, but once the music starts most people dont pay attention to the crowd around them.

    Plus having some weed at a concert is always a good ice breaker/good way to meet new people.
  6. yeah i went to bonnaroo this year and was seperated from my friends for the wiz khalifa show. it was awesome. a marijuana smoke cloud engulfed the entire crowd.
  7. Being there alone doesnt suck but driving there and back does..nobody to talk to about it and you feel lame nobody else went
  8. Bring some joints, and smoke 'em. It can be a very cerebral experience.
  9. Howd you get separated from friends?

  10. idk if you know what bonnaroo is, but its 4 days long with over 100 performances. i saw wiz, wayne, eminem, primus, among many other bands, and there were easily 40,000 people gathered for wiz and i had to go take a piss. if you get seperated its nearly impossible to find anyone unless you have a cell phone but i didnt and neither did my friends because most people at bonnaroo camp in tents, and charging stations are expensive and a bit crowded. so i just went without technology for 4 days lol
  11. thanks for opinions so far. i will probably end up going although it is a 3hours drive >.>
    i have stops i can make in between the drive tho cause i used to live inbetween where im going.
  12. That sounds like an experience, lmao . I didn't know about Bonnaroo until now but it sounds like there were some good performances there. I've been separated at a Warped Tour in 08 but it definitly wasn't as near as many people as Bonnaroo. There had to be thousands there and surprising I found my friend through a crowd full of raging head bangers and HxC dancers :confused:

    I also saw somebody I knew there too.. good times . +rep
  13. I'd like to go to bonnaroo sometime my friends always go but I'm always broke around that time..I did go to lollapalooza 97 though and that was pretty cool..lots of great bands and snoop dogg opened for tool so dont see that very often
  14. you should definitely go to bonnaroo. i have my money already set aside for it. its like the modern woodstock. theres sooooo many drugs there too haha
  15. no. i go to a concert every night...

    in my living room

  16. Going with friends is more fun but going alone is still great if the band is worth it.

    Honestly I tend to get more out of the music when I go alone. If I go with friends it's more of a social event type deal, even if we're all obsessed with the band.

    The best concert I was at I went alone.
  17. mixed responses/votes... i guess it depends on the person?
  18. yeah it definitely depends on the person. raves and dubstep shows are the best to go to alone haha

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