Does "getting high" run in the family? Or are you making your own generation?

Discussion in 'General' started by underware_hero1, May 25, 2003.

  1. another stupid question of mine. but hey! i guess i just wanna know.
  2. I'm starting a new tradition. My parents would never ever think of doing something illegal.
  4. actually i dont htink this is a stupid question, but heres my family:

    my aunt and her boyfriend smoke, but we never talk about it cuz its weird because nobody else in my family tokes up. my mom doesnt, she used to a bit in high school but she says she didnt like being high. shes loosened up a lot actually, in fact i just came home stoned as fuck and she was like "whats up, maaan" anyways. where was i... oh ya, but i bet my sister will smoke in the coming years. then maybe well get along! ok cya

  5. man dad toked and grew in college, but no one else in my family does and my dad dosent do it any more. my mom is really against it. and me i'm a stoner. yup
  6. well..... my dad used to smoke weed, my uncle used to, my other uncle still does, my cousin smokes weed wit me, and when my bro. gets older, i will introduce him into the world of weed.........:)
  7. Both my G pa's did. My cousin josh does. My dad used to do scores of hard drugs. Two of my aunts died on heroin. My mom used to drop tabs before school.

    I think thats it
  8. My mother never did drugs but my father (what I can remember of his sorry ass) smoked marijuana and snorted cocaine. But my use of drugs has nothing to do with my family. I'm sure an addicton gene runs in families just like alcoholism does but they are both diseases.

    But I don't feel I'm starting my own generation because if I ever decide to have a child of my own, I wouldn't want him or her to follow down the same path I did. Drugs are wonderful little treats if a person can handle them but sometimes the fun can get out of hand and then your life will spin out of control before you even realize what is happening.

    *****Marijuana is not classified as a drug in my book*****
  9. My mom smoked, just not around me, I smoked on and off as a teenager, but was never a true pothead til I met my ole man...

    We don't smoke around our kids, they are too young...but when they are older I guarantee they'll learn the truth about drugs at home; not from schoolmates or the streets, or even from commercial television and the warped perspectives displayed there.
  10. I got an uncle who has tried it all of three times and to my knowledge whitied once.

    i got a cousin who has smoked a few times.

    i got a bro who i think tried it once anyway.

    i got a cousin who fairly recently became a toker... i think you all know him by now ;)

    the folks dont ever do anything like that. they both used to be damn near T total on the booze, but my mum's alc consumption went up as she became friends with the boozehoud* nieghbour we have. but there is no way they can stay in the denial mode for ever... my logic will break them one day.


    I was the first toker in the family (as far as i am aware... ya never know... maybe some one else is gonna come out of the tokers closet.
  11. I *must* share this roachclip with you guys...youd all appreciate it I think..Ill brb (lol, I was gonna wait but hell, Ill do it now) (take the pic) brb...dont go anywhere..!!!!!!!

    ps...theres a story toooo! lol ;) :) :D
  12. My dad tokes, when he's around we sesh all kinds. He's moving out here where i live soon so we can be tokin' some mad bud. My mom usedta toke but don't anymore, ahsn't for years. All of my family i cool with it tho, my sister was a 'head for a while but now she's a prison guard/cop so she gets whizquizzed quite often and has to not toke. My cousins, uncles, aunts toke, and the oens that don't actually toke always come hang out when the tokers in tha family are blazin' fattys so they can catch a contact.

    We'd pass bongs, fattys and bowls around at the thanksgiving and christmas dinner table after mackin' down on some mad munchies, then go hit the dessert. My grandma was tellin' me about when she was a lil girl and weed wsa legal, her mom used to send her down to the neigborhood store and buy like pounds o bud for pennies and her mom would just use it as a spice and put it in all tha food she made. Back then it was just herb, and that was one of the ingredients that made food good.

    It's pretty rad when we'd all meet at the house for a holiday dinner, the whole family and lots of friends, and we'd all go sit out at the patio table, bust out our sacks, compare and trade bud, and mad sesh it up.

    My dad taught me how to roll joints when i was like 5, and although i knew it was illegal i thought everybody toked. I used to hang with my dad when he'd smoke out when i was a kid and catch a contact, altho i din't start really tokin' up till i was like 23. I tried when i was 16 several times but i just didn't get high so i gave up trying cause i felt like i was wasting weed. Ever since i was like 14 or so my dad would always offer to sesh me out and get me high but i just didn't want to then because i felt i had to figure out who i was as a person before i enterd an activity that could absorb my time and attention and divert me from living a life of my own choice and making. He'd ask me "Why don't you wanna toke up like "normal" people do?" and i'd just tell him that i want to learn who i am as a person first. I'm glad i waited too.

  13. dammit, I guees this is what I get for trying to do things when I need to when I dont have the patience. Im trying to teach the pup to bring me booze, but even thats not working out..! so the pix are gonna wait, till I get my sober ass thinking like a noreaster cell fest. maybe the puppy can help me out there..
    im having probs with the digi!
    and punkyw is no help!
    anyway, my mom passed down a true 70s roach clip, picture is worth a thousand words. so I promise I will work on is beautiful though. really a work of art...I *love* *cherish* it...(TBC)
  14. Let's see:

    My dad was kicked out of the army for smoking crack (doesn't do it anymore)...he only recently quit smoking weed

    My mother has never touched the stuff

    My grandparents---???

    My uncles Mark, Steve, and Pete- still smoke as far as I know

    My brother- only 3 times (?) in his life, I think...I know he doesn't do it anymore whatsoever

    My sister has done it with me a couple of times...only 4 or 5 times in her life, I think

  15. rest of family....uncles are all cops, so I doubt it and sure as hell am not going to ask....grandfather was chief of police and would beat my ass (yes, even at 80) for talking about drugs...grandmother was a born again, so nope, not there either....

    my sister, well, she's tried it in the past, but she's kinda a goody goody, I don't think she does anything that is "bad" for her....

    I know my hubby has gotten his whole family stoned....repeatedly
  16. what digit said :)

    i believe i am the only (insert my last name) to do it
  17. I've seen pictures of my dad with a joint but I don't think he did it outside of University. I on the other hand am a full blown pothead.
  18. I think my sister have tried to smoke, not sure.
    No one else in my family I think.
    and I'm a little pothead just waiting to bloom (when i'm done with school that is) ;)
    just a weekend smoker now :)

    I think I'll start a tradition, but i will keep it a secret for my kids until they're old enough.

  19. here we go kiddies, passed down from generations...

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  20. uhh... thats ott.

    you're a snobby upper class tart sensi, admit it!... the rest of us "plebs" just use a pair of scisors or tweesers. :p

    snob. ;) u and yer fancey ass roach clips

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