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Does getting cross-faded ruin your high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by kevinchron, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Just wondering, gonna try it tomorrow :)
  2. Depends on how drunk you get really.

    I like to smoke then drink a couple of beers and feel nice.

    Don't drink any hard alcohol though...You'll end up getting the spins
  3. The trick is to smoke BEFORE you drink. Getting drunk, then smoking results in the spins ,(as the above poster stated).
  4. unless its one or two beers AFTER smoking, i don't really mix em.. not a fan of alcohol anyway.
  5. it varries person to person, like from personal experence in one night ive smoked an eigth to the head over the course of like 4 hours and inbetween smokes ive drank vodka like water... Go slow and find a ¨comfortable level¨. Everyone takes it differently
  6. Just don't drink hard liquor if you don't have to, that's about all you need to know. I'm fine whenever I drink and smoke with beer whether it's before or after, but the one time I tried this with vodka I got the spins.
  7. Well my first time toking I was already very close to blackout drunk and got the spins realllly bad; projectile vomited at least 4 feet...

    fast forward a few years and now I can drink however much I'd regularly be able to and smoke as much as I want and it really only amplifies the high. When I'm drunk I start to feel stoned the second the smoke rushes into my lungs, it's a really intresting feeling
  8. I almost always get the spins when I combine alcohol and weed. I usually just stick to weed, don't really like alcohol anyways.
  9. We've passed a bottle of rum around with the pipe in my circle before... several times, actually... it's truly awesome. Just take small sips in between puffs until you feel right.
  10. man what can be better than choice pot with a choice single malt say a lemon haze with an 18yr old Glennfiddich floavor explosion.. and u will definetly grow some hair on your nuts after a couple of those sessions.. but to each his own...
  11. It's different for everyone.

    Somedays I like it, Somedays I don't.

    It can be a hoot though ;)

  12. I drink hard alcohol and love it when im high, it makes the high last so much longer for me and it never feels like I'm coming down.

  13. I remember my first time getting drunk. That night I had 15 shots, 9 mixed drinks and then proceeded to smoke 4 joints between 3 people. None of us got sick. So I say: if you do drink, drink BEFORE you smoke.
  14. I find, that a 22 oz Avery Salvation, or Avery Maharaja (i have NO clue how widely that shit is distributed...ok i checked the site its in about.... 20 states...either way...drinking one of them while smoking with your buddies NEVER fails to be a good time hahahaha...something about those 2 brews is really good with bud
  15. I do love smoking and then getting drunk. The drunkness just is stimulated by the high so your just drunk and really happy. But it makes it easier to drink a lot more without care so people end up puking a lot for a long time too...
  16. is cross faded the same as twisted.
  17. twisted, crunk, cross-faded, high and drunk, stoned and tipsy, blazed and under the influence of alcohol...all are acceptable...the last 3...im just high lol had to do it, kinda like "smoke and a pancake, bong and a blitz" hahahaha god damn
  18. If you are drunk as balls then smoking 5 star bud or reggie doesn't make a difference. Not recommended.

  19. gonna have to slightly disagree, the difference would be, if your about to puke, mids, will do that quickly, super dank will give you the MAD spins, then you will puke.... ghahahahahahhahahahahah
  20. I personally always drink before I smoke. If I smoke before I drink I tend to loose interest in getting drunk and just want to stay high lol. Plus when im high drinking alcoholic beverages gets alot harder for me. ( I cant stand the taste when high).

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