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Does getting a medical marijuana card have any negatives to it?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mynameisbake, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. My friends have been telling me that if you get a medical marijuana license you cant apply for any government jobs and that you have to pay higher taxes. Does anyone know if this is true? And are there any other similar cons to getting a weed license?
  2. Thats crazy. By getting a mmj card you are protected against discrimination by employers because you use mmj, including the govt. In AZ you cant purchase a gun from a gun store if you have an mmj card. You pay a higher tax rate as a club or dispensary but never as a patient.
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    IMHO that whole "mmj card holder protects you against discrimination by employers" is bogus. I've seen people take a couple hits and be put on their ass. If I smoke a strong strain im done for. So I most definitely wouldn't be able to work.

    Does that protect against being fired? If I was an employer and my employee had a MMJ card but showed up to work so stoned he couldn't work, I'd fire him. Does that also protect that as well? Or by discrimination do you solely mean it can't dictate if you can be hired or not? I hope for the latter.

    Being forced to employee someone that can't do his job..would suck
  4. Just like with anything you have to have personal responsibilty. Of course it doesnt protect you from showing up to work stoned. Duh! But if you test positive for mmj on a random company wide screen your protected. Now good luck fighting a termination under a mmj discrimination clause. The social mentality hasnt caught up to the laws. But that is supposed to be a protection given to you under state law.

  5. OP - make sure you understand that AZBonghitter is referring to Arizona law.

    In other MMJ states being a legal patient (getting a "card") offers no protection from employer discrimination whatsoever.

    When you ask about legal ramifications of having a "card" you should mention which state you are asking about.
  6. Pretty sure in some MMJ states you lose your right to bear arms.
  7. Getting your card is more about joining a movement and basically saying screw you federal government. You can't tell me how to live my life and your prohibition law is a direct blow to the principles our country was founded upon....

    So if you abuse it there will be rammifications...If you use it accordingly and help others further educate our society on this god given seed then leave the rest to history.....One day we all will truly be free.

    Deep answer ftw.
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    Well being that marijuana, even for medical use is still against federal law I would think that yes it would not be possible to get a job in the Fed if you hold a medical card. But with what you said it seems like you want to start a dispensary since you said license and not card. Dispensaries pay insane taxes because its the feds way of trying to shut you down without direct legal prosecution. Also as mentioned previously you cannot own a gun or buy a gun while holding a medical card. I have not heard of any state where this does not apply, but such may have changed since its been a few months since I last poked around to see what was going on with that issue. It will eventually make its way to the U.S. Supreme Court because its highly unconstitutional. However, felons cannot own guns so that may be used a precedent here until federal law changes.
  9. So the government is telling me that since I smoke weed, if someone breaks into my house with a weapon, I deserve to die? If anything, I'd be more likely to shoot somebody faster if I was drunk than if I was sober or high. If I'm high, I wouldn't even want to hit somebody, let alone shoot.
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    Again, because a person medicates means they cant do their job?>:confused:

  11. This is wrong.. an employer CAN fire you if you pee positive even if you have a card. Just like they are not obligated to hire you if you test positive even with your card.

    You CAN be discriminated against with a card and you are NOT protected with a card.

    I have my card and I have to keep it all on the dl or i'd lose my job.

  12. Most people on this forum are capable of completing day-to-day tasks while high. Plus, that guy never said that he was going to go to work high.

    Stop being an ass.

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