does GC?

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  1. have a section for ice catchers? or where can i find some ice catchers on GC?
  2. ASH catchers.
  3. no i mean like in the long straight part of the tube a indent to catch ice cubes
  4. The tube is one piece. So you have to buy a tube with ice pinches blown in.
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    I tihnk I have seen a few bongs on the GC site with Ice notches.I will do a quick search and try and post up some links for you.
    This one has 2 pages of bongs with ice notches.All you have to do to search the GC website is type what your looking for in the upper right hand corner were it says search.(Not being a dick,Just a reminder.)
    I had another link but it sends you to a differant area then what I wanted.Hold on I will try and post it again.

    Here another one is.Not the same link I was going for becouse for some reason it takes you to another part of the website but it isnt the right part?

    Alot more molino brand bongs with Ice Notches.

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