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Does GC have a cannabis photo contest of some sort?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jd4083, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Searched but couldn't find anything. We should have a "picture of the month" competition for sure if it ain't already there somewhere...maybe one for cured budshots, one for glass and one for plants? Anybody else interested? :wave:

    Here's some jack to look at while you guys consider ;)

  2. Had to repost the thread to add the poll, my bad :smoke:

    Contest could be for bragging rights, special forum privileges, even discounts at the GC store...any thoughts?
  3. Bluelight has the 'Pot or Not' thread. They put a pic of weed, and a poll with grades a-d and every week or so it starts over.

  4. Yeah, actually tokecity's pic of the month contest inspired me to make this thread. :wave:
  5. this is a great idea. we should have a monthly (or weekly) contest.

    Posters get 1 picture to show us what they are packing (oh the double entendres :rolleyes:)

    this idea has potential. can a Mod create an official Thread??

    One potential issue I see is people just pulling images off Google.
    But if you get satisfaction from pretending to have dank weed, then being untrustworthy is the least of your problems.
  6. #6 jd4083, Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 4, 2010
    exactly :wave: Only one photo per poster per week/month/whatever. I think you should be able to either post your own photo or nominate another member's photo for the contest.

    And I figured we could let this thread run for a bit and if the poll shows that everybody wants it, the mods will probably take care of this for us :)


    I don't think that would really be an issue man. If somebody who has no posts or background on GC suddenly puts up pictures of the super funk without proof of some sort that it is theirs, we can deal with that as it comes. And I would completely agree with your statement that they got bigger problems than getting outed on GC if they get off on posting shit that ain't theirs ;)
  7. I'd be down, would give me a reason to buy some extra dank bud haha.
  8. I'd be down like a clown charlie brown
  9. That'd be cool if you got a discount for the GC store, maybe like 10%-25%.

    An easy anti-counterfeit measure would just have a piece of paper included in the pic your username.

    I think monthly or bi-monthly would be best, weekly seems too frequent plus this gives people a chance to really get the picture that they want.
  10. Just found this thread again...thought it had been deleted...what's going on with this, anything?

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