Does fox farm open seasame and beastie bloomz work? Here's what my test showed.

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  1. Both plants grown under same conditions ,
    Same light
    Both skywalker OG autoflower
    The smaller plant was fed using only the fox farm trio and calmag plus water ph to 6.0
    The bigger plant was fed fox farm trio with ocean seasame in late veg and beastie bloomz through flower. I done this expierement to see if spending the money on other nutrients in there line up was worth it or not , I'm surprised to see results like these being that during lst training the bigger plant was split in half and lost the whole top 3 nodes so technically it's only half a plant so imaging how large she would be with the top 3 nodes on it. Anyways next run I'll add in some cha ching iv been hearing good things about it also . Hope this helps anyone using these nutes. Screenshot_20221107-191151_Photos.jpg 20221127_123729.jpg

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  2. That test means nothing. Seeds vary greatly, even those of the same strain (like siblings, similar but different). So by using seeds to test there is no way to know whether the results were from the product, or just genetic variance. For testing purposes, one should always use clones.
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    I wouldn't go as far as to say all that now mephistos skywalker og auto is an f4 which all my skywalker seeds 5 out of the 10 I have all been the same , terps vary but structure has been the same , so from my point of view I see a difference . And reading what you said I'm curious as to repeat the experiment to see what happens ,

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  4. What kind of light you running?
  5. Spider farmer sf1000

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