does ffof burn easily?

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  1. hey guys i need a couple questions answered... does ffof burn easily? like would i be safe planting autos directly in the soil? if its too strong is their some way i can make it not burn so easily? i would just start them in some regular soil but thatd be pointless cause im growing autos and you cant transplant you have to start them in the biggest pot possible so you guys have any ideas?

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  2. You should be alright as long as you don't use any nutrients for the first month at least
  3. I use it and have had mixed feelings so far.

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    It may burn just a little, but ive never had a problem with it doing any real damage. Ive ran several batches of autos in ffof. If your really worried get happy frog instead. Its not quite as hot and you get an extra .5 cubic foot of soil for the same price as ocean forest.
  5. I hear of it burning seedlings etc but I've been using it with about 30% Perlite for almost every one of my grows and have had no real burning issues. Like stated, dont use any other nutes for the first 4 weeks or so though.
    I do a lot of reading on soil grows and still can't find anything better straight out of the bag than FFOF. I once gave the Roots707 a shot and quickly went right back to FF.
  6. I use happy frog/ocean forest with 30%-50% perlite. You don't need nutes normally for the first three weeks at least. I water my smart pot to run off and wait about 5 or 6 hours, then plant seed. I germinate first, but plenty of people drop the seed in without germinating. I don't prefer transplanting auto's.

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