Does Fan Have To Be Off When Lights R Out In Tent

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  1. i got my plants in my tent & i was wondering if the fan had to be turned off when the plants are sleeping...cuz the exhaust fan is sucking the hell out of the tent

  2. I cycle mine on a timer to run 2 times during lightsout for 15 minutes per.
  3. I love negative pressure!

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  4. do u keep ur fan on high speed when on for the 15 mins
  5. I don't keep mines on at night. Like to keep my plants undisterbed during there dark time.... But I don't see what would be wrong with doing it to your plants during veg.... But once you start to flower you don't wanna bother the girls.. Let them get there rest dude.
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     Weed doesn't need rest, it needs fresh air. I run two exhaust fans. Two during the light cycle and one in the dark cycle. I also have a six inch fan blowing over the plants day and night.  In nature the wind blows 24 hours a day.
  7. Tru that I didn't think of that that way.... For sure Im an idiot.... Next time I better do some research or just have some common sence
  8.  It's all good. Is that you in your avatar?
  9. I'm a 24/7 fan guy for reason listed above! The wind doesn't turn off at night!
    Also early in veg while the stems are still pliable, looking at the nodes you should begin to see "elbows" on the branches at the base of each stem, due to the wind helping them strengthen up. These knots will help your branches support massive flowers!
    Good luck
  10. Yes it is
    Thanks, Man.
  12. Thank you too dude
  13. I would think you would need your fan running for carbon filter to be effective.

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