Does everything happen for a reason?

Discussion in 'General' started by Deleted member 281310, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. You tell me
    I want to know your stories.
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  2. Nope. All just random chance.
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  3. I think the end is already decided...Everything in the middle is our struggle to get to the inevitable end.

    We're destined for a future already finalized, some won't make it through the middle shit, and other's destiny will be thought of as lesser...But a civilization is built by everyone, large or small.
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  4. I just spilled bong water on myself for no reason; you tell me!
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  5. Maybe.
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  6. All I know is that it always ends in tears.
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  7. The way we're looking down on those lesser beings appearing in reality tv higher beings are looking down on us either in amusement or thinking what the Fuck that's supposed to be.
    And the guy who writes it has exactly my kind of humor
  8. I don't know if there are random occurrences where something happens for no reason, can someone think of one?
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  9. Of course kids. This is nothing but a determined society. Free will is an illusion, come on snap back to reality. Our brain controls our actions, right? who picked our brain out? You didn't choose your brain. You didn't choose your actions. We're acting in god's will. I'm not subscribed to any religion and I'm very liberal in my thinking, but I do believe in God.
  10. There isn't one. Perhaps before big bang but that's debatable.
  11. I just shit my pants because....uh....because.......well, whaddya know? No reason! So I guess the answer is no!
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  12. No. Existence has no inherent meaning. There isn't an intrinsic goal to life. It is up to us as individuals to give our own lives meaning. Everything that has ever happened and everything that will ever happen, from the Big Bang to the heat death of the universe, is an act of random chance, without meaning. You have to ascribe your own value to the things that happen, and carve your own personal meaning and reason out of the chaos.
  13. Do you know of things that happen for no reason? Can you tell us a couple?
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  14. Maybe, but you might never know what the reasons are something happens for. We're not omnipotent; things will happen independently of our individual abilities to understand them.
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  15. I guess, therefore I must be right. Proof that I am always right.
  16. I think everything is random. It seems human-centered to say things are determined. But I could see how you would say that - brain chemical levels determine who you are and what not, but what about when technology is able to change this and actually change who you are? What is destiny then? Surely, that is the exact definition of changing your destiny, by changing the very thought process that makes you, you.

    Therefore, it seems more likely that things are random, like quantum physics. It's all a game of probability.
  17. Everything happens based on a series of choices that we make. Or choices that are made by others. So I guess things do happen for a reason. Sometimes with no reason
  18. If you think about it, making the right choices is so necessary.we create the reason for the action that follow

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