Does Everybody Get This High?

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  1. Hi Guys, This is my first post so bare with me, I started smoking about 6 months ago and love it, the only thing that i don't understand is why i get so much higher than everyone else, as soon as i have about 5 drags of a blunt (5 mins after maybe) i start hallucinating about crazy shit, i narrate my life and how I'm feeling down to the smallest detail and my mind is usually going at 1000mph. Everyone I talk to who smokes has been doing so for years and obviously have a higher tolerance than me, but no one can relate to how high i get and say that they never really felt the same, is this something to do with the strength of weed nowadays? or do other people get like this? I'm definitely not complaining because when i smoke i have the best times ever!!
  2. You sure it isnt anxiety increasing? Either way it doesnt take long to build up a tolerance.. I smoke over three grams a day and dont get blitzed or anything like that.
  3. Bwahahahahaha.....
  4. No, i have the odd spell of anxiety with some strains but just avoid them as soon as i realize, I dread the day i can smoke a blunt and not end up as high!! like 2 big hits on a bong can put me to bed! i probably save a shit ton of money anyway :jump:
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  5. Stages of life, blade. Don't be in a hurry to get old because being young, dumb and high is the only time you get to do it right the first time.
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  6. Definitely enjoy it while it lasts thats all I can say lol... to be fair I smoke every single day all day so of course im burnt out and tolerance is through the roof... I dont just smoke to get high though 80% of my reason for smoking is my crohns disease. Thats the only reason I smoke daily at least... Its the only medicine I take for my disease lol. Thats why I also grow too... lol just got all this off of one single plant [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    For someone that doesnt need to much smoke growing would also be fun... its a relatively fast process and the reward rocks the more you put in the bigger the return.. especially if you dont smoke much and can make it last lol that 4.5 ounces isnt going to even last me until next harvest where as that could last you what 3/4ths a year? Lol I wish I could smoke less and just stockpile weed for the occasional weekend binge.
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  7. I have a few friends that grow, but for me it just isn't worth the risk (for now) I can get 1 oz of Mad Dawg for £50 from a friend of mine who grows and that lasts me about 6 weeks, sharing it around. Do you guys still roll a fresh one just for a few hits or would you recommend i swap to a pipe?? :weed:
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    Either or... I prefer water pipes but rolling a joint or blunt and smoking it in sections works too if you prefer to not smoke it at once... just may resin up some by the last session oh well. But pipes are fun too just have to find the right one. Small bubblers are neat too as they just require just a pinch of water to filter the smoke and can easily be emptied and stashed away.

    The occasional spliff is always nice too.

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