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Does every one here cuss all the time??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. I have noticed on the boards that all the stoners seem to cuss alot.. Esp fuck and motherfucker etc...

    1 Do ya'll cuss when you first meet some one??

    2 What about ariound people who doesn't cuss at all..

    3 People wjo have relegious beliefs?

    4 Would you go into a church and cuss??

    5 Does any one care about what others think about the way they cuss..

    6 What would make you stop cussing in front of other people??
  2. I cuss constantly whether i thinkabout it or not. It's one of my problems actually, but then again it's a good way to understand someone's personality. If they aren't cool with curse words then chances are I won't be able to toke with them.
  3. But do you ever take the other persons feelings in consideration when you do it??

    I cuss when I angry about something or making a funny..

    I try and not cuss just to have words to fill my sentances..
  4. yea i cuss alot... but in front of females i wont, just some, that i know who coo about it......
  5. I used to cuss WAY more than I do now i even slipped with "fuck" in front of my mom :smoking: lawwwwwd thought the roof was gunna fly off as loud as she yelled @ me...and i was 31 @ the time ....i found now that i'm more @ peace with myself i don't cuss as often...i guess it depends on who i'm around and what the "conversation" is about...but i do respect my elders heck i was a nurse and a hairdresser so i've worked with the publice like 22 years and i think hearin that out of a professionals mouth when they are on the job ...just aint right :D :smoke:
  6. I try not to cuss much. When I was younger, I had cuss words slip out at some bad moments. And felt pretty .................... awkward is the word I guess I'm looking for. But as I've gotten older, and most of my friends have little ones now, I really try to watch what I say. I try to always act like there is a 5 year old around. If a 5 year old shouldn't hear it, I better not say it. Like BH said, I really only cuss when I'm angry, or making a funny. Unfortunatly, I am now one of the angriest, funny men you'll ever meet! LOL. When I was younger, I though it made me sound more mature. But after a couple of slips, I didn't feel so grown up. If you get in the habit of using the F word and such, it becomes a hard habit to break. Good question!
  7. i'm generally mr. considerate an very polite around people i don't know to well..... its when ya get to know ...thats when i become the potty mouthed bastad i actually am.... :D

    i usually just try to be very presentable though... no offensive toward anyone..... unless im hitten the bottle or somethin, lol
  8. swear words have always been a mixed bag for me... i just dont understand where people are comming from when they say it offends them...

    if i told you the words clay, seat, and mitsubishi offended me, people would still say them all just as much, i dont see why any other words should have any more meaning than another.

    I went to a super awesome movie!
    I went to a fucking awesome movie!

    means exactly the same thing to me...

    ill try to tone it down alot, i mean in person i never swear around kids or women, but still, it happens.

    Getting shit out of my vocabulary, now thatll be tough. Ive been saying shit even infront of my mom since i was 15...

    it kind of replaced stuff and things in the beginning of high school, and i find its a lighter subsitute for fuck... HOLY SHIT!!

  9. i'm not a mr.... but well said :D ~~:smoke:
  10. fuckin' way man...just some of the fuckin' time...depends wot kinda fuckin' mood i'm in...and who i'm around...

  11. 1. If the person is someone im meetin and doesnt know the family then yes

    2. I dont cuss around girls that much, cause most of 'em dont like it, and not around the family either.

    3. I dont know anyone with religious beliefs out of my family

    4. I dont go into church, but if i did i wouldnt cuss just cause its disrespectful and stuff

    5. if its my close friends then they dont care that i cuss cause they do aswell, but if its around someone im not good friends with i tend to be a bit concious of it and do it less

    6. Being told to stop, cause most of my friends dont care/do it aswell.
  12. whats the problem with cussing i mean seriously, why are some people so offended by words, there fucking words, have you noticed how you are hearing more and more curse words on tv and radio now, a few years ago they could never get away with saying fuck in songs on the radio or whatnot, are generation is diffrent i think and we use cuss words more i think soon they wont even be considered bad and you will hear everything on tv and stuff.

    FUNNY i jst saw this before i responded to this thread here check this out its fukin hilarious
  13. I'm Italian, and was raised in a very Italian family... I cant help it lol... not only do I cuss alot, i cuss creatively :p
  14. 1 Do ya'll cuss when you first meet some one??
    I generally dont talk much at all when i first meet someone...

    2 What about ariound people who doesn't cuss at all..
    I talk how i talk, you talk how you talk. If youre gonna start saying shit everytime i say something you dont like, then were going to have a problem.

    3 People wjo have relegious beliefs?
    Same as above. I have my beliefs, you have yours. Dont try to make me be like you.

    4 Would you go into a church and cuss??
    i dont go to church, and when i do i dont talk at all.

    5 Does any one care about what others think about the way they cuss..
    Not so much

    6 What would make you stop cussing in front of other people??
    If i really liked the person and it really bothered them to the point they couldnt be around me.
  15. Some very good responses..

    I try my best never to cuss around a woman, unless she starts cussing first.. Never around people I've just met..

    Never around other kids than my own.. Then is when damnit to hell and sum bitch shows their heads...

    I do try to be respectfull of every person in the world.. Slipping is something that happens just like walking on solid ice.. Sooner or later if you do it enough, your going to slip!!!!!
  16. That's probably the one time i don't cuss, around kids. Other than that nothing is sacred as far as I'm concerned, lol, you OFFFs and your crazy 'manners', I don't get it.
  17. i was walking down my yard the other day, climbed over this pile of snow after semi skating on a patch of ice. anyway, stepped over the snow and found myself on a patch of black ice. fell flat on my ass.

  18. around women not usualy unless they start swearing or i know their ok with it, i mean when i talk i sometimes do usecussing to get my point accross more clear, instead of id rather not do that.. if i hated what was going on id prolly say fuck that... in the "right crowd" and i went to cancun like 2 weeks ago and it seemd that everyone swore down there like every other word, almost everyone... i didntreally care to swear more but my surrondings made me swear a lot more and when i came back to michigan i was still in the same mood and it seemed people were more uptight... i dunno.. just depends on where i am with who im with..
  19. yeah i cuss all the damn time. iv been told i have a problem but fuck it.
  20. depends on the situation. Not a big swearer, but sometimes swearwords are needed in a sentance, as a power word or what not.

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