does ecstasy go bad?

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  1. i have some bangin brown stars
    or so my friends tell me
    im waiting a while to roll to keep my tolereance from rising
    can i save these, my frends say they go bad after a while
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    I'm sure after an extremely long time they will eventually "go bad." It;s very stable and should last for a ridiculous amount of time. If stored properly they will be fine.

    Edit: This site has a lot of good info (some iffy stuff), but in general has a bunch of answers.
  3. alexander shulgin estimated the shelf life of MDMA at about 5,000 years give or take a century
  4. It wouldn't go bad in your life time so your good. And the brown stars are some good pills, so be prepared for a good time :hello:
  5. ino that why im saving them incase there not around

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