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does eating weed stay in your system longer than smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by CityJumper, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. hey GC! :wave: its my 2nd post, and i was just wondering if that if you eat weed (like cookies, brownies, or firecrackers), will it stay in your system longer than just smoking it? i haven't smoked in 3 months due to job issues, and i feel like its time to get off my t-break:smoke: and how long will it stay in your system if eaten because i'm going to have another urine test in about 3-4 weeks. i'm a pretty skinny guy. like 130 pounds at 5'10.. thanks! :hello:

  2. It will stay in yer system for 30 days, just like smoking it.
  3. The reason you get high for longer off of an edible is because of the way its absorbed through your stomach, its absorbed much more gradually. thats also the reason why it takes like 40 minutes before you really start to feel it.
  4. It takes 30-40 minutes to get high because it has to get broken down by your stomach then move through the small intestine which absorbs all the nutrients in foods.
  5. It's the same thing as smoking it. They both stay in your system for about a month.

  6. if its just that one firecracker, you should be good.
    just make sure to drink alot of water / electrolytes, and get your activity on.
  7. What If I eat like just a small nug of weed will I fail my drug test please respond if u know
  8. most likely... im assuming youll eat it in an edible form btw? not just the nug by itself..

    if i were you, i really wouldnt risk it.
  9. I already ate a raw nug am i fucked?

  10. no. the thc needs to be activated by heat before you eat it, so you're good.
  11. If the nug is big enough, you might run into issues- think about how your stomach processes food. It's through movement and stomach acids, and since it's inside your body, unless you're secretly reptilian, it's warm in there. I've ate raw weed on an empty stomach, followed it up with something and been unable to stand. I would take the earlier advice and start trying to flush as soon as possible.
  12. u have the same problom only my taste is in a week i have taste evrey week i smoke 1-2 twice this week and pass so will eting change thet or is it the same as smoking?

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