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Does eating weed = Red eyes

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by S.W.I.M, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. i know when i smoke my eyes get red as my dogs dick, does eating any kind of pot brownies or firecrackers etc etc have the same effect ?
  2. they get more red than when you smoke
  3. if you eat a LOT of edibles, yeah, your eyes will get red.

    for me, at least, a mild to moderate dose (1-2 brownies) never rreally got my eyes red
  4. I'm not sure but gonna say yes.
  5. if you have strong edibles your eyes will literally turn red
  6. hey good question! and I'm kinda suprised that they do get red, I still havent eaten weed, but I'm making firecrackers tomorrow!!!!
  7. I think you've been looking at your dog's dick a bit too much.

    Eating brownies shouldn't make your eyes red. I could be wrong though.
  8. One time I ate some icecream firecracker right before I went to my friends house (who doesn't know I smoked). My eyes got so red I was so fucked up sitting on his couch trying to play cod 4 and I forgot the control scheme. This is after playing for several months lmao. He noticed big time...he mumbled something like damn you're high but he didn't say it directly to me.
  9. firecrackers gave me the eyes of a rapist. ...which are red I guess.
  10. That comment scares me...
  11. yea THC does that. Reliving pressure from the cornea. So if you smoke you still get THC and in eating you still get THC but prolly more than from smoking. So yea your eyes will get read.
  12. your eyes will get red as a motherfuker
  13. why wouldnt they? ur still gettin high
  14. hell yeah i ate 2 firecrackers today for my first time my eyes got so fucking red

  15. alright i know this is COMPLETLEY OFF TOPIC AND NASTY

    when my dog gets a bonner it looks like a fucking a creature from alien vs predator.

    scares the shit out of me. every single time
  16. HAHAHA :p

    Dude, it all depends on the strain your cookin with
  17. LOL.

    +rep for that, man.
  18. Yes they get red because weed relaxes muscles and blood vessels in your eyes (which is why glaucoma patients use cannabis) so eating or smoking can still make your eyes red. Find my eyes get redder with smoking though.
  19. My eyes hardly ever get red from smoking, but I had pot laced brownies just the other day and my eyes were horribly red.
    Of course my brownies had way too much weed mixed in because I couldn't taste the chocolate at all.
  20. last time i had firecrackers, i had straight demon eyes. i didn't know it was gonna happen, and was trying to be inconspicuous...whoops.

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