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Does eating Weed get you high?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bradraz, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. I know you can cook weed and make edibles, but what if you ate plan weed, would u get high? I had a highdea that all plants in nature have their own little defense mechanism, weather its poisonous or has thorns, which is which weed gets you high, because its evolved to produce THC because it wanted to survive and not be eaten by herbivores. what do you think??
  2. No it won't happen.
  3. Sorry but THC DOES NOT stop herbivores from eating the plant. Take that from someone who has watched a doe and fawn eat part of an outdoor grow.

    There is also this that disproves your theory.
    Drugs plot raid reveals old woman feeding rabbits with cannabis - The Local -
  4. THC is heat-activated. When you smoke or bake it, it heats it and therefore activates it so to speak. So my answer would be no; however, i have had friends who say if you eat a whole lot it can get you high. Honestly, it doesn't really matter... its much more efficient to smoke or bake weed rather than wasting it by just straight up eating it.
  5. nothing will happen its better cooked into a brownie or sum thing
  6. Every plant need's to be used in it's own rite way,in order for it to give affect.
  7. No. But I ate a couple grams just to be stupid really. Tasted spicey and left mt mouth gritty as hell. But it the THC has to be converted by heat. But I'm pretty sure you can eat hash and get stoned because the hash's THC has been converted already if that makes sense.
  8. If you eat enough yes but in comparison to edibles it would be HIGHLY insufficient way to, you would have to eat like quarter oz to even feel a little timy tingle of a buzz.

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