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Does eating kill your high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chadw, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Does eating kill your high?
  2. Yeah I start to come down gradually after I eat.
  3. Idk ive spent many a'nights wondering this myself.
  4. I have heard from several posters in a couple different threads before that eating does make your high come down more fast.

    From personal experience, it does seem like the same bud won't get me rocked for as long if I eat, but it wasn't any kind of scientific study I conducted with controls and such.

    I wouldn't imagine that it would cause you to become less high more fast, mostly because the THC is in your brain, not your stomach... Just a guess though. :rolleyes:
  5. It for sure always kills my high.
  6. It might sober you up a bit but when I'm high AND full at the same time, I feel next to God himself.
  7. Yes; the more metabolism your body has available to process the goodness, the better. When you eat your metabolism gets diverted away to process your intake. Interesting enough, certain foods, namely dairy products, counteract psychedelic effect on the brain; it works great if you need to take it down a notch while on shrooms.

  8. DAMN DUDe. QTF *****
  9. I guess it kind of does.

    Since this is the seasoned tokers forum, I feel that all seasoned tokers should agree with me in that you rarely, if ever, get the munchies anymore. Anyone with me on this?

    There were times when I first began to smoke where I could eat damn near a whole pizza
    by myself and down it with a couple vanilla milkshakes.
  10. It kills it, i like to eat b4 i toke, it just kills my high it can sometimes be a hassle, espcecially wake n bakes, where the 1st thing you do is toke even b4 u eat than you get munchies and you already hungry cause you just woke up, have no choice but to eat, does any1 understand why this happens??
  11. It kills mine but the food usually taste so damn good i dont care.
  12. I am by far no scientist, but its like when u eat and have trouble concentrating, (whod imagine some stoner not being able to concentrate) or staying awake, bolod leaves your brain to help aid in digestion, subsuquently fukn ur high all up. at least thats what I Say or something like that
  13. Yes it does. I like to eat first then smoke.
  14. Yea eating definitely helps. But if you are way too high to function, food will help to little avail. Last night's 2 pot cookies I made and 2 hits of purple haze fucked me up more than I have ever been in my life and food didn't do jack shit.
  15. I always kills my high. Drinking too much water can too. What I do, is not eat and drink beer, then I'm getting crunck. :hello:

    -- smoking_poke :smoking:
  16. its prolly like with alcohol. if you get a buzz then eat a few burgers and not really drink beer... you are suddenly sober. or not as buzzed. and iver heard eating while stoned does make you come down....ive always wondered it to tho lol.
  17. well, when you eat, your brain releases chemicals which changes your state of mind, so eating will affect your high,but not necessarily "kill it".
  18. The trick is to have the weed in your food so you have a continuous level of high while consuming in order to relenquish your munchies. There was a vid posted a ways back about how to make a full dinner of pasta and bread with bud in it. Think they topped it off with herbal tea too.
  19. eating is that kinda essential thing to do, to acquire sustenance and nourishment.

    if u got the munch, munch. :) the healthier the food, the more organic, clean, ethically growin, etc... the better.

    mmmm, hempseed & fruit smoothies... mmm.

    oatabix... mmmm.

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