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Does eating kill the high?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MrOrganic0697, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. I was wondering and didn't know if there was any research on it, but I've noticed if I'm out doing something after blazing it'll be super fun and euphoric but as soon as I sit down and chill it's just gone? Idk.. Anyone else like this?

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  2. For me, YES!  Eating kills my high. Always toke after eating, not before.
  3. I used to think this too as a nubile young toker, but over the years I realized that the munchies tends to hit right at the start of the comedown so by the time I finished eating that bomb meal more time has passed and I obviously feel less high, so I attributed that too the meal.
    Munchies got much more manageable for me once I realized this, infact if anything food can potentially INCREASE your high, if you eat mangoes for example
  4. For me it's strange. I'll be hungry, put something on the stove or microwave, smoke a bowl, by the time the weed hits and food is done, I'm not hungry anymore.

    Every time, as soon as I'm high, my hunger goes away. Like alphaomega says, I'll be a bottomless stomach once the peak is over.
  5. The only time my high was ruined by consuming something was when I drank a half gallon of chocolate milk and some sun chips. They were too dank tho.

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    The reason I ingest any (every :) ) form of cannabis is to stimulate hunger... you can ever ask my doctor. So I don't care what happens to my high as long as I'm eating.

    If you think about it, it makes sense for eating to weaken your high. Our brains consume a significant amount of the energy we absorb from food. Eating makes us more alert, since it's brain fuel, so that's why it takes away from the high.

    ^ just a stoned thought not saying it's true.
  7. For me it does as well.  I don't think its necessarily the food you're adding to your body but rather the other neurotransmitters released due to the consumption and digestion of food, such as dopamine and beta-endorphins
  8. same here...blazed with two friends and proceeded to go to a buffet like 2 minutes away and I wasn't hungry at all maybe had like 2 plates when I can put away 4 easily with munchies
    but honestly I feel eating reenergizes my high no matter the food, notice I say 'eating' not hardcore munching
  9. I'd say no. I think people just think that because time passes while you eat a meal so of course you're less high after you eat. I don't think snacks like chips or cookies or something reduce the high.
  10. I don't know if it actually does but I don't care, it would be worth it for how awesome food tastes while your high.

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  11. This happens when I get too blazed. For instance, last week I got super blazed, and was with some buddies who hit up dq. Now dq is easily my favorite place to eat, blizzards are the bombdiggity. However, I was too high, and had zero hunger so I passed on getting food. I think it can play a part in anxiety. When I get anxious I lose my appetite so that's my theory.

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  12. technically more blood leaves your brain and goes to your stomach when you eat. so yes it lowers your high, because the THC is most useful in the brain. I get munchies when i comedown from the high, especially indicas

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