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Does eating get you as high as smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bugsbunny, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. What would get you higher: smoking a gram? or eating/drinking a gram? (obviously mixed with brownies or somethin)
  2. first off its a different high eating will have a more body high effect...all the times ive eatin weed it been through fire crackers, which made me feel chill/high but not stoned. however i would recommend eating weed and smoking it cause you get the nice long lasting body high and the stoney high as well. and for me i felt really high for 3+ hours when eating weed and smoking it at the same time.

    if you havent tried edibles its something that is pretty fun because of how long the effects have. and if you have some really dank weed than eating will get you pretty high.
  3. I had some brownies and let me tell you that it was incredible. the high is definitley a body high and it does last a long time. I'd have to say it lasted about 3 hrs.
  4. doesnt get you as high but it absorbs in your body after a longer time then smoking so it lasts longer
  5. Edibles get you SO MUCH FUCKING HIGHER.
    Sweet jesus.
    Smoking 1 gram couldn't even COMPARE to eating 1 gram.
    It all hits you at once.
    Your eyes stay as red as the devil's dick for fucking HOURS.
    And your day is a retarded haze.

    You just need to make your edibles correctly.

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