does earth have a flag?

Discussion in 'General' started by biggg bassset, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. as far as i know we dont..

    id pledge allegiance to earths flag.
    it makes more sense to me then being more patriotic about one piece of land to another.

    were all here apart of earth as one and should treat this land as one and i wish we could tear down the borders

    anyone wanna design earths new flag or something lol?
  2. The US Flag IS the world...can't you tell by the way we're bombing the crap out of everything to show our dominance?

  3. I thought the United Nations flag sufficed as the "world flag", but I could be wrong. I am very interested in hearing what other opinions are out there.
  4. Thats one of the signs for the end of the world.
  5. When we discover non-earthly colonies, lifeforms and civilizations, then yes we will most likely make an earth flag :smoke:

    but until that day... :(

  6. Pssssh, according to the bible, or neo christian writers who use scare tactics to promote christianity, and also according to kirk cameron...

    God damn you kirk cameron...
  7. It maybe from the bible, but can you see any good coming from a one world government? I cant.
  8. im not saying one world goverment.

    im saying we could go above these shitty goverments and make a flag that unites people no matter what part of the world they stand on.

    shit if we had half the world working as one for the better under one flag what power would divided goverments have?

  9. Unless our mentality and drives as a species were to change drastically, i cant either...
  10. Ah, a dreamer.
  11. I say we start designing!
    Someone make one with a human smoking a joint and a plasma rifle in the other hand, standing like captain morgan with one foot on the head of a dead alien, thats centered inside the silhouette of the earth and ghosts around the earth (cause all of you believe in ghosts!!) and zombies that will make the other shit in the galaxy be like whoa shit man.. they have ghosts and zombies... we better get the fuk outta here! I dont want to be ghost raped and carry satans baby in my ass for 9 months...

    yea , I would + rep that one
  12. yesss dreamings been forgotten
  13. [​IMG]

    Although I like catfish's better. :smoke:
  14. :p:p:p

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  15. Our flag should be a picture of a guy in a mask and a suit pissing on some guys wearing rags, pushing a big wooden gear around and around. U guys know what i mean?
  16. It's going to be all gay and try to have a ton of backstory, but then we'll be like, "fuck this", and just make it yellow with 3 stripes aka half of the flags on earth.

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