does DXM and X mix well? What would you do in my situation?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Beautiful Mind, May 29, 2009.

  1. I was originally planning on taking a couple of DXM gel cough drops (8-10) then my friend called me up and told me he could get green xbox's for $10. I already have the gels and am gonna buy the roll later on tonight (maybe two).

    Im in a pickle and don't know if i should robotrip or roll. Im gonna be at a small party so a roll would be obvious but iv rolled enough and id like to try dxm.

    Im leaning towards DXM (even though its a party im fine with crashing out on a sofa and chilling out with friends) but i was wondering can you robo trip and take a roll at the same times (I think the green xbox's are speed/meth based, more speed than meth for sure).

    decisions decisions :smoking:
  2. green xboxs! take pics I havent seen them in ages!
  3. I don't know how dxm and x mix, but 8-10 drops how much dxm is that? I am thinking its under 200mg.. That is not really a dxm trip so I would just roll! But if you step that up to 400+ DXM and take the roll, that might be fun, being disoriented from the dxm and hyper dancing with x I don't know how that would work. If you do step up the dxm just take enough for a low thrid plateu in my opionion.
  4. 02
    please gtfo with that bullshit do u know what ur saying little 12 year old with his fucking dxm
  5. i got that info off of pill report which is why i said "I think".
    Please learn to read, stay off the drugs, then come back and write a reasonable post k thanks bi
  6. Update:
    green xboxs are still a possiblity but now me and some friends are contemplating on those or Red Supermans...ugh
  7. mdma+dxm=seretonin syndrome
    Dont do it.
  8. this.
    its dangerous bro dont do it !
  9. i dont understand why ud want to mix them... and coming from a chemical stand point it isnt safe and has many counteractive components when combined

  10. This.
    it sucks.
  11. Also death.
  12. yeah i wouldn't mix the 2.
    and it sounds like you'd be mixing more drugs anyways, those don't sound like clean pills at all..more like meth/pipes
  13. I dont know man, you would definitely be really fucked up from that. I wouldn't do it personally, it probably would be kind of bizarre.
  14. yayo and e don't mix well at least not for me i was prolly drinkin to tho

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