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does drinking bong water get you high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by frequent flyer, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. me and my friends love using bongs. we often have discussions about weather or not the water gets you high. i always wanted to know. i want to try using vodka instead of water to get droned off of drinking it but was never sure if that would work, could someone answer this question
  2. Drinking the bong water doesn't get you high...smoking your puke after you throw up might do it though! :p
  3. that sucks
    how cool would that be to be able to get droned by driking vodka
  4. If by "high" you mean "vomit" then yes!
  5. no bong water just tastes like shit
  6. drinking bong water doesn't get you high. It smells bad enough. Just think of how it tastes.

    If you use alcohol in your bong, then thc is absorbed out of it and you get less high for your tokes. I guess you could then drink it and get fucked up, but again it would be super nasty.
  7. yeah i remember during the summer me and my buddies had a similar doesnt get u matter how much you buddy drank 2 letres during a bet we made n he threw up lol
  8. Drinking the bong water might not get you high, but i'll still bet ya $5 to do it...:D
  9. i won't even consider it unless you offer $10.
  10. how about 7 and a half eaten chili cheese dog??
  11. The other night I think I got too high, or lazy. Anyway, I decided it was too much work to keep emptying my bong out in the other room. So instead, I just emptied it a couple times right back in the Brita purifier I have in the mini-fridge in my room. I thought since Brita claims to remove 99.9% of impurities, it would re-purify the water.
    IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!! Looked clean, but smelled and tasted like bong water..
  12. don't like chili or hotdogs. You'ld have to pay me more the eat that.
  13. lmao... no... the bong juice is best if left un drinked, :D

    i did it twice on a dare... didn't puke, but came close to it.

    man... that stuff's gross :(

  14. hmm...

    turkey chili?

  15. Really? That's weak. Ima have to have a serious talk with my britta tonight.

    I bet your filter is fucked now too.

  16. what ever floats your boat...:D

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