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does drake piss u off too?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by S.F. Sage, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. I hate this lil toronto rapper Drake real name Aubrey Drake Graham lol

    He is a actor who was on degrassi:the next generation or some shit. played a handicap kid who would spit some verses sometimes on it.

    he grew up in a wealthy neighborhood went to wealthy schools and has a dad in the industry.

    and now hes getting famous off the hood, rapping about the hood, and sounding like wayne.

    shit makes me sick to my stomach, that if u have the money and connects u can make it.

    what happened to being real and having street cred in order to be in the game. Hip Hop is so unbalanced right now its ridiculous all u hear is ringtone rappers, club songs, and i love u songs. what every happened to gangster rap on the radio, mtv, and bet u no longer see it.
  2. i think hes a lot better then lil wayne cus lil wayne fuckin sucks ol drake has some good songs.
  3. hes got some good shit. listen to "Ransom" ft. lil wayne.
  4. drake was/is lil waynes ghost writer.

  5. I think you got Hip Hop confused with being gangster. What does a genre of music have to do with being born in the ghetto? lmao

    For one. I hate commercial/mainstream hiphop. I never turn on the radio and listened to it so I never know whos big or what not. But Drake is a breath of fresh air to commercial music.

    I really dont see how this is at all true. Everyone knows he use to be a actor. Hes not covering his past.. And im guessing you never actually listened to any of his lyrics before you posted this. I dont think he's ever rapped about being from the hood. Drake rap's about whats real.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQwGyDvCUZc]YouTube - Drake - Say What's Real[/ame]
  6. i dunno about drake being lil wayne's ghost writer as they have totally different styles, but drake goes hard. So what if he came from a wealthy background... so you have to be from the hood in order to make music? the only thing that matters is talent, and that dude has it.
  7. Alright. I'm gonna walk in here and agree with the OP. Sad to see a genre get warped to the point where when you say you listen to rap you just got labeled with guys that don't represent what its about.

    And straight up, you people defending Drake couldn't name proper MC's.
  8. :rolleyes::rolleyes: who is to say your "proper mcs" are the real deal anyway
  9. never heard his musci,but people who pretend they are something they arent piss me the fuck off
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    My proper mc's?

    How bout MC's that are named as influence by the greats? Lists spreading from The Source to Ego Trip naming the top albums of certain era's. It's not that hard to study the history of hip-hop. And its something that has been a driving passion in my life.

    So to be put in the same category as cats who can't name a KRS song or the plot of "Style Wars" is obnoxious.

    And if you do remember what it once was and claim Drake is anything, but another unoriginal toy making money off of what has become nothing more than a business, you got your priorities messed up. The thing is that doesn't happen. The guys who've been there from the start don't fuck with any of this new shit that's popular. In fact they call it kiddie rap, something simply to drop in the club to get the drunk dancing.
  11. I agree with the OP +rep:smoke:
  12. drake aint wayne's ghostwriter. idk how many times it has to be said lol
    people base it off the fact wayne spit 6 bars of drakes song at the vmas's

    he was rapping before he met wayne. and is not signed to YM records.

    as far as he go, hes already huge with a mixtape song on the radio. and hes a lot better than most of these rappers now a days. people just dont give him a chance cuz his affiliation wit wayne. drake can spit.
  13. represent the reaaallll hipphoppppp
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVYwcXMyLEs]YouTube - Real Hip Hop[/ame]
  14. About the street cred u don't have to be a gangster just that people need to know u real bout what u rappin and with him there is no way to double check shit he talks about


    hows he gonna say rap is nothing to him, compared to degrassi. comparing rap to his tv show to me that you acting in rap too real people don't believe u.

    and hip hop/rap was born in the hood/ghetto so thats why to be really rapping you have to have experience in the hood/ghetto. not just listen to music, think u can do whatever you want cause you have the money, and start rapping and talking bout real situations. Not coo
  15. and let me re explain what i'm talking about with there is a no balance in hip hop/rap right now.

    there are many different genres of hip hop/rap we all know that let me list a few

    gangsta, political, oldschool, ring tone, club, revolutionary, hardcore, horrorcore, g-funk, east coast, west coast, dirty south, hyphy, abstract, pop, religious, etc.

    it goes on and on but right now all i'm hearing and seeing is ringtone, club, and pop. I don't hear anymore stories about life or anything now, just "i make money gotta chain, in the club dancing mang."
  16. He's better than Wayne and he doesn't rap about the hood at all.
  17. haha for real, hip hop is really dieing. it's all slowly turning pop.
  18. First: In the interview that Drake has on XXL.com he states that before Degrassi came along his fam was basically broke. His dad stayed in a hood in Memphis or something like that.
    Second: I've never heard Drake spit about bein hood.... ever.... I've heard him talk about being real and all the ladies tracks he has but never heard him talk nothin about bein from the hood....
  19. i do agree that hiphop is dying. the only mcs i like these days is eminem and the game. oldschool rap is much much better.

    i have one friend who says soulja boy is better then eazy e,ice t,and snoop dogg...stupid people =/
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    drake-city is mine

    "So if you a opportunist look for 20's in the clip
    And if you find 'em attractive and funny, that's when you dip, dip
    And it's a trip, my city broke into sections
    Up North I got me a couple of troubles, couple connections
    And it's nothing that I created on purpose, there's people that gotta problem
    But they scared to let it surface, uh

    Ya boy say this, that, and the third to 'em
    See me out and they never utter a word to 'em
    Expect me not to draw a card from the deck
    Anybody in my city going hard I respect but,
    You gotta debt and you choose not to pay that
    Imma hop ya fence, come into your yard and collect, lect uh

    It ain't a problem of concern bruh, I always end up with exactly what I earn bruh
    This ain't last year, money like a cashier, so hand your receipt if you tryna make a return bruh
    Yessir, I live in a city where a lot of people don't get shine, shine
    And, I be on by the fence as soon as anybody stepping out of line, line

    And I got way too much love, for the city I can never get too much of
    And if anybody hatin on me, I deport 'em, the city is mine boy"

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