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Does dish soap with degreaser kill plants?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Loafermn, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. In an effort to treat a spider mite problem i've been using neem oil mixed with a small amount of dish soap. So far it has worked to keep the spider mites at bay, but I've seen some damage to the plants. I posted pictures of the damage here: http://forum.grasscity.com/sick-pla...eficiency-nutrient-burn-nasty-brown-dots.html

    I was told it looked like nute burn and to flush the plants immediately. I haven't seen any more browning of the leaves but when I sprayed the plants today I noticed the dish soap I was using had degreaser in it. I quickly rinsed the leaves off with plain water. Does the degreaser in this dish soap have the ability to kill plants?
  2. First off - Neem oil and dish soap will have little
    or no effect on Spider Mites. Get rid of the dish soap.
    If u wanna know why, I have just done a writing on
    soaps and weed in my sticky down in my sig. Read it.

    Secondly - Degreaser is a powerful enzyme based industrial
    product used by restaurants to mop the floors with. It will
    burn human skin too cuz its so caustic, so think of the screams
    your plant is letting out right now !!! U burnt it.

    So now, the poor thing is in a weakened and vulnerable state
    to have to now deal with Spider Mites. Get my drift here ???

    Out of good intentions (without doing some research first) the
    plant is hurtin.

    How are the Spider Mites right now ???

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    The soap is not meant to kill the mites, it is the neem oil that provides that effect, mainly the azadirachtin as a prophylactic. (I only included the soap because the bottle told me to mix in a small amount with the water and neem oil, it did say mild soap though.. .haha ) In addition from what I'm reading now, most dish soap is actually detergent because it contains so many chemicals and is not suitable for plant use.

    A buddy of mine had success with this more passive approach to prevent the eggs from hatching, rather than dealing with killing the buggers once they have hatched. Unless i'm mistaken? Have you not seen success with neem oil? It has seemed to work for me as long as I spray the plants once a week. Again, this is my first attempt at this, so your input is greatly appreciated. I was thinking about coupling the neem oil with some insecticidal soap containing pyrethrum, would this be effective?

    I did scroll through your link but it is 56 pages long and I do not know what page your soap guide is on.
  4. Its at the end.

    I just happened to write it just before I saw your post lol.

    I hear ya man but this is the thing...Neem is excellent, as long
    as its in place before the Spider Mites. Its more of a repellant.

    It wont do a thing to the eggs.

    My suggestion to u is to take care of it in 1 shot.
    Try and get a Doktor Doom (red can) fogger. It is the shit.
    Its 100% organic pyrethrum and is good up until 14 dayz before
    harvest. Your budz will look and taste great.


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