Does Dirt Really Affect The Growing Process(Yield,etc.)

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    So i'm probably not the only one here that doens't have a huge budget to grow.
    Planting the girls in Black Dirt and use water on a daily basis,that would work. But would it be better with compost and shit or no?
    I never understand why people use fertilizer,compost,etc. I mean,back in time,they used plain dirt probably with water and they had good buds(not as good as now,but...)
    *Will these type of plants help my grow(hiding)
    Im talking about transplanting some and going to plant them near my grow to hide them....good idea?

  2. How do you know what people used back in the days? As far as I'm concerned ganja farmers have always used fertilizer of some sort. Obviously it wasn't as complex as the organic mixes you see people create today, but manure fertilizers were used.
    You can do a comparison grow. You'll see exactly what happens with the plant in plain dirt.
  3. Don't use dirt, and whatever you use make sure you have the nutes needed for the plant to survive till harvest. You get what you pay for.
  4. Im just guessing,i mean like really back in time(egyptiens and shit) anyways,lol
  5. Egyptians did use fertilizer.
    You want soil, not "dirt."
    Watering your plants "on a daily basis" will not work.
    Yes the soil you use affects the growing process. Tremendously.
  6. does a bear shit in the woods? hell ya,the right "soil" makes all the difference in your grow. stay with organics for sweet tasting reefer.  if you are a rookie grower i would recommend using a soil like foxfarm ocean forest soil. it has all nutients you need for the first couple months. just transplant and water a couple times a week. just stay away from stuff like miracle grow, makes your reefer taste like chemical/crap.
  7. A. The Egyptians did fertilize every year, when the Nile flooded. They only farmed the alluvial delta.

    B. the Fertile Crescent is no longer so fertile cause the soil was over used, with out nutrients being added back in. Iraq used to be green 3-8 thousand years ago.

    C. Both civilizations populations survived on gruel(basically oatmeal) and water, and their average height was around 5 feet. Compared to modern societies where proper nutrition is the norm, we average just over 6 feet. Same principle is applicable to all life.

    D. The most fertile "dirt" on earth is found in the Amazon Delta, because civilizations that were there prior to the Spanish actually worked the ground by adding manure, pottery scraps, and roasted/cooked & then crushed animal bones.

    E. Even in the American South West where it is arid, and nothing grows. Ingenious peoples were able to grow crop cause they ammened the soil with a fish carcass @ the bottom or the hole.
  8. Plants are really pretty simple. They do however need a few critical things to flourish. Sunlight, air, water, nutrients, and a healthy root zone. Your soil is responsible for three out of five of those, of coarse the quality makes a difference.

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