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Does decarbing weed smell?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Weedology, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Im pretty new to the decarbing method of making edibles but thought i should try it out before making firecrackers. I was wondering if it smells at all, and how do you make it so it doesnt smell because my mom does not like the smell at all though she tolerates it sometimes.
  2. [SUB]Yes, it does smell. Some.[/SUB]
    [SUB]Cook at night. :)[/SUB]
  3. When I did it in my oven, you could only smell it if you were really close. Then again, I sprayed air freshener and burned incense. Ha ha.
  4. Yeah man it will stink pretty bad depending on your oven, mine shoots hot air through a vent at the top, this hot air coming out smells like dank!, if you plan on doing this have no one in the house for at least an hour or two to be safe. Cheers
  5. Thanks guys lol my momma would of been pretty upset
  6. Seal it in an envelope of tin foil, that cuts down on the smell.

    "How something appears is always a matter of perspective"

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