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Does customs check every package? Seized?

Discussion in 'General' started by gbmack, Sep 6, 2010.

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    I just bought a bong from GC, and I'm pretty excited to get it.

    Then I read over some horror stories about people getting their bongs seized by customs as "drug paraphernalia."

    Now I'm just sitting here with a horrible image in my head of the customs officials using my bong as a masturbation device and jizzing all over the pipe.

    Has anyone had their bongs seized by customs, or has anyone had any success stories having their bong happily delivered to their doorstep.

    Anything to relieve my anxiety would be cool :cool:
  2. i have only heard about that happening once, so more than likely you'll be fine.
  3. It doesnt happen often, mostly because they have no right to sieze it. Clean bongs arent illegal because they are 'for tobacco use only' ;)
  4. I don't see any problem with it. It's a tobacco waterpipe until you put marijuana in it.
  5. have you no local head shop? but either way, yea don't worry about your TOBACCO pipe ;)

  6. that's the deal right there. if it's labeled a "bong" it's illegal. you can't go into a head shop and call it a bong or most of the time they will throw you out. In fact every shop I have been in has a big sign that says " we sell water pipes if you call it a bong we will ask you to leave". I think that as long as the company labels it a water pipe they can't touch it.

    My guess is you have nothing to worry about.:p

  7. If he lives in PA, glass pipes/bongs are illegal. We had "operation pipe dreams" where they busted all the shops that sold glass smoking accessories.

    I ordered a glass bong from GC and it got here no problem, the customs sticker said "glass vase" lol
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    Nah I live in california...

    if anyone else wants to know how my order's going, bookmark this thread!

    so i ordered last week, 9/4/10

    my order went into "pre-shipping" for 2 days.

    then my order got shipped about 3-4 days ago.

    So now it's 9/11/10, and a week since I ordered.

    I'll gladly wait another week to receive my "glass vase"... if i receive it, i'll post pics here :D. if i don't, i'll post the pic of the paper saying my shit got seized lol
  9. When I ordered from GC it took about 2 weeks to get.
  10. Why are you buying it from over seas when you live in califorina? You could spend a lot more on a local peice and support a local blower down there not having to pay for shipping. Plus you could have it custom blown if you wanted. But good thing your supporting the city. They need money to keep this place up and running So the lols just keep a comin.
  11. If they seize your package it takes about 3 days for them to round up their Drug Task force and throw a couple flashbangs into your house.

    Watch out!
  12. If anything gets seized, how would they prove you ordered it? I can order all kinds of shit to send to your house, just gotta know the address :p Just like you can't control who calls your phone, you can't control who sends what, where. I order seeds from out of the country and don't stress on customs, not only will they likely never check the pkgs out even if they do I'd like for them to prove I ordered them :p
  13. haha anyone else find it weird he had dream of dudes cumming all over his bong? Just playing man...thats messed up though. Simple solution: kill them if there are stains on it, then wash it.

  14. What, a bong getting seized or a bong getting jizzed all over?

    Do tell!
  15. I got my glass vase! =D

    Only took about 9 days. That's wassup.

    I love how the description of the box says "tobacco pipe"

    I've also had my brother's friend order some salvia from here and the description of his box said "tea"

    Rofl GC shits on customs 24/7
  16. Im confused. You dont use it for tobacco?!

    And wtf is your brother using those herbs for anyway?!:eek:
  17. geez, i do hope you rinsed off that crusty substance that was on the inside. :p

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