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Does Cranberry Juice Really Clean Out All The Thc In Your System?

Discussion in 'General' started by OneWith No Name, May 12, 2008.

  1. ive heard this alot lately. and the fact of the matter is that i need to pass pee tests,.....random pee tests. i've heard that if i drink a gallon of cranberry juice a week, i can still smoke daily and pass a pee test. is this true?
  2. Are you fuckin serious?:rolleyes:
  3. No. its not true.

    if you have to pass random DTs, stop smoking. There aint any other way if theyre completely random.
  4. Don't even risk it. I learned that the hard way.
  5. use the search buttom:p
  6. Or he could look at the last 3 threads he posted...
  7. cranberry juice (along with most other healthy antioxidant rich beverages) will decrees the time it takes for your system to clean its self out. however the plan you outlined is destined to fail, its not a magic bullet, it just helps alittle.
  8. ^^Yep, Vinager also helps speed up the process dramatically.

    If you drink nothing but Cranberry, Water, Vinager and other juices and eat healthy cutting out most fats while not toking and excerise alot you'll notice a big decrease in tolerance and about 2-3 weeks of that will have your system clean as a whistle. I drink about a gallon of Cranberry and OJ everyday.

    drink a 4-8 oz glass of vinager everyday after you run.
  9. No, but if you drink it everyday it will help clean your system. Natural antioxidant, I drink it during my tollerance breaks.
  10. I'm gonna say yes, only because it's healthy for your system and is much better than what you probably are already drinking (cokes, maybe?) and would be a healthy replacement. :)
  11. yes, if you drink a galon of real cranberry juice(not that sweet shit) you should be pissing clean urine for a couple hours
  12. Uhh I hate cranberry juice
  13. haah pink playin the devils advocate for the sake of his health.:gc_rocks:
  14. The pure cranberry pills work better. Take like 3 or 4 of em wit every meal, while drinking water and other juices, you should be clean within 1-2 weeks
  15. How can there be so much stupid in one thread?
  16. Banned for a reason I take it?
  17. Don't be stupid. Nothing but time cleans THC out of your system. And that 30 days and its out of your system is bullshit also, every ones metabolism is different and it could be a few days to 2 months before its out of your system. There are drinks that you can buy that will "mask" the THC in your system, a personal favorite of mine is Strip sold at GNC for around $50. Or you can always just use synthetic urine.
  18. You think companies make $30-$60 system cleaners when $2 juice at H-E-B will do the same thing? Use common sense and guess...

    Staying healthy will make you pass it faster yes but seriously people if you got drug tests to take then quit fucking around and stop smoking or buy a detox and support your habbit. You wanna smoke weed then this is what comes along with it. Us stoners get to carry extra stress lol
  19. I Use Niacine, Greentea,surejell It's Nasty. But It Works
  20. Some people are crazy. Canberry juice does nothing, niacin does nothing, vinegar does nothing...

    I am not sure what thermogenic response cranberry juice or its micro- nutrients generate. We used to joke about the 20 biggest public misconceptions in med school and this was one of them...not necessairy thermo effects but rather the ability of cranberry too clean your system of anything that isnt affected by accidity. Detox wont work either. But yes the fat is store in the fat so... I would recommend the following. Me and 6 other students did this and we all passed and i smoked up to one week before the test daily. They are mostly concerenced about people in my field with abbuse to pain meds or other pharms but im sure they did a full drug panel...

    1. Excercising when you can before the test.(won't make much difference if you have been smoking for years)

    2. At least 4 days before the test start a high calorie diet diet. High calorie means pretty much as many calories as possible but AT LEAST more than you burn in a day. This is important. You dont want your body to go catabloic state. Catablolic means breaking down..you would be breaking down fat.

    3. Don't go more than 3 hours without eating some sort of carbs 9 hours before the test. Seeing the trend, you dont want to metabolize any fat.

    4. Drink alot of water the day of the test. NEVER USE THE FIRST URINE OF THE DAY. I purposely drink enough to dilute my piss so it is almost like water. If you take this approach, make sure you take 10-15g of creatine the day of the test. I usually start taking creatine daily (10g) 3 days before the test. Also take alot of viatmin B6 at least 4 hours before the test.
    -The B6 turns your urine yellow
    - the Creatine raises the Creatinine(different words) of the urine. These are usually what they measure for dissolved solids to ensure piss isn't watered down.
    -Take the sample midstream

    Personally i would be nervous about using other peoples urine, but im sure it is easier for woman for storage and heat. Males are just more likely to get caught. Most clinics are abide and are scared as hell by HIPAA which is a patient privacy act so I don't know that legally they could report you cheating though if you schedule the test yourself.

    Obviously time is the best solution but that variable is very dependent on many factors.

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