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Does clorox bleach work for home drug test?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Hunskyblazin, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Hey I'm getting drug tested once a week and I was wondering if anybody had used Clorox bleach to test negative and if it works to put in home drug test
  2. No it won't. Some of my friends and I have used Certo to pass drug tests. I passed one for a new job within 4 days of smoking and quite a few of my friends used it for court mandated testing every week. It's by the jelly making stuff in a lot of stores. Buy some, mix it up in a gatorade, preferably lemon lime as it adds coloring to the urine, and chug like 2 hours before.
  3. It works, but burns pretty bad going down.
  4. Why you getting drug tested once a week? Is it for a job or do you have strict parents?

    Home drug tests are pretty cheap and faulty, but is smoking weed really worth the trouble?
  5. I mean would it work if I put a few drops of it in the piss cup
  6. So did it work or r u in military school
  7. Bleach will show up as being added to your urine. Do not drink Bleach. Do not add it to the test cup.
    Go buy fake pee at the smoke shop. Ya it's expensive but better then losing your job. And while you are doing this stop smoking so you can keep passing your test.
  8. yes bleach works put it all over your penis and leave on until it starts to burn
  9. If you could find the tests...then rig them to be unfailable...it's a win/win.
  10. please elaborate. im getting a test soon and its just sitting in the kitchen. Is there something i can do to it so Ill pass?
  11. depends on the type of test and your ingenuity. Some paper strip type tests can be carefully opened and replaced with fake paperstrips.

    This process may involve some ninjary though, be warned.
  12. hmmmm, the little dip strip is in a package and they might notice if i open it. have you tried bleach? im kinda outta options.
  13. [quote name='"flamsnfills"']yes bleach works put it all over your penis and leave on until it starts to burn[/quote]

  14. Monkey Wizz. Its fake urine and works. I cant believe how many people dont know about this stuff. Very simple and never worry again. Also I sure hope you are not some youngster here against the rules.
  15. sorry for the bump but i wanted to add very valuable insight. im in the same position and let me tell you that bleach does work. a couple drops in the cup will fuck it up and make it negative. However, i have gotten caught doing this because it fucking smells. havent done it since, but i want to do some more experimenting to find a good balance that fucks the test but doesnt smell. also use an eye dropper because if you dont the room smells like bleach. so far im fucked because i cant find any other substances to trick the test because my mom is on to the bleach thing. good luck
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    dude I was totally joking in the other thread. DO NOT INGEST BLEACH.
    now your just bring up really old threads. This one is from over a year ago.
    Read it though for sure. No cheating drug test method is for certain on every test, it's the risk we all take.
    things I have heard:
    -niacin (not the no flush kind)
    -minute man
    -any kind of synthetic that you mix there.
    I'm not saying any of these work but I'm not saying they don't.
    drinking a couple GALLONS of water the same day will dilute it too much and render the test useless. In this case most employers have you re-take it at a later date but in the mean while, they will probably give your job away. Some places will just consider that a positive, some don't do anything and just simply ignore it and proceed with hiring you.
    The reason you can't find exactly what you want is because IT DOESN'T EXHIST.
    sorry dude.
    and good luck.
  17. I'm referring to the random home drug tests where you dont have time to dilute and you gotta mess up your own sample. those things test negative on water so all you gotta do is make it not positive, by adding something to your piss that has the right temp and color. that something, however, is hard to find
  18. You will need to detox. Faking piss can be hard to do because they check for temperature. If the urine is too cool or not warm enough, they will know it's not clean. 
    The best way would be to drink cranberry juice and sweat out the thc. You will also need a couple weeks. 

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