Does Christianity piss anyone else off?

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    Okay, so I was raised Christian but ever since last summer, I have been beginning to realize how fucking stupid not just christianity, but all religions are.. It's the only religion I know so I'll use examples like how certain Scriptures state that Jesus is the only God you should worship.. Or I guess it's the whole idea of worshipping that makes me so angry.. It's like Why do we have to worship anything? Why create us if that's all were supposed to do.. just worship some guy, what would be the point of it all?
  2. worship is what christians identify their purpose of life as.  if you don't believe in christ, you don't have to believe that you have to worship anything.
  3. If you're in the process of losing faith or recently have lost it that seems to be fairly common, I didn't go through it really but my wife had a fair bit of it. We all react in our own ways but if it's an issue you want to explore look up the idea of christian deconversion either on the web or somewhere like youtube, Sometimes it helps to see how others have dealt with it, better than going it alone.
    For most the anger is a phase, it passes.
  4. the point is to have eternal happiness in heaven. the idea is this world is illusory, a test if you will
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    It dosent really make me angry.. And there is no reason for me to "lose faith" it's just it seems like the whole idea of going to heaven if you do everything the Bible says and if you don't you are going to hell, like I don't want to feel scared and have to follow a certain path.. And just what you did there, how you responded, pissed me off.. The way you said I must be "losing faith" instantly assuming there's is something that made me want to stop believing and not even thinking that Maybe your wrong? That there is more then just what some book says.. Think about it.. if the whole hell factor werent there would you care to believe? It basically describes you burning for eternity if you don't believe.. that is SO WRONG in so many evil ways.. Like if I were to be a good person but not believe in Jesus I deserve to burn for eternity?? Fuck that shit, that just can't be right.. There should not be a jealous God out there like that.. And don't attack me with your fake ass response like that.. I mean look at your first sentence "If your in the process of losing faith.." Fuck off if you want to play me like that.. Maybe it's just Christians that piss me off.. not the religion
  6. Now that's comedy ;)
    Look dude, I'm an atheist so I'm not going to even try to explain how any of that makes sense. Ask someone who does believe. Based on what you wrote I suggested an if, I didn't say it did apply to you I said if it does. For lots of people it does, if for you it doesn't you could probably just skip it without the drama.
    Maybe you're just angry?
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    Why would you speak of losing faith if you were atheist? Please, explain
  8. Woah I just read it again and realized you were just mentioning how I'm dealing with losing faith.. Please understand that I was reading as if you were Christian.. And it disentangle make me angry Aha.. sorry about that man..
  9. Seriously? Many atheists, I haven't taken a poll or anything but it might be most, used to have some form of faith even if it was just being raised in a household but not thinking much of it themselves. Hell, look up a show named The Thinking Atheist, he used to be a big believer and worked at a radio station that was all christian all the time as an adult. Now he's an atheist. I wasn't one until my 30s or so, probably late 30s.
    The process of going from one to the other happens all the time and for lots of reasons, and with lots of reactions by the people involved. That's why I suggested the search. One story I like in particular is "Why I am no longer a Christian" by  Evid3nc3 which can be found with a web or youtube search.

    No problem on the reaction, like I said it's common and I understand the reaction. It's cool :)
  10. Again, sorry about that.. I was reading your 1st post like you were Christian.. (please do this, you'll see how different it sounds) Sorry for the misunderstanding
  11. Lol I thought you were just being snotty
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    I can be a bit stiff I'd guess would be one way of putting it, an asshole might be another, that's why I sometimes say I used to be an activist. Just don't have the patience for taking the time with the details and predicting reactions that I used to, trying to do any activism at this point would be counter productive. A few years ago I probably would have written that with e better understanding of how you might read it rather than just tossing it out there but after doing these debates for too many years it gets hard to keep doing it. So, sometimes the asshole comes out ;)
  13. Nah, I just read it wrong
  14. Christianity makes me want to smash my head against a kitten

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    All religion kind of pisses me off. Really no, but the people who use religion piss me off.

    Like hide behind it as if it makes you a good person or better than someone else or entitled to whatever. Every claim, decision based on region is always bullshit. Its just something people hide behind and justify their actions with. Fuck that I'll be more suspicious of these people who feel they have to have a god watching them and the threat of HELL to be good people.

    I don't believe nothing, like I think people and animals have souls but organised religion can be really fucked up, and that kind of makes it more fucked up -
    that the fucked up stuff is hidden behind it or like, part of it, not enshrined but included.

    Sometimes I think people are so dumb, always looking for something different to separate and fight each other over. I'm sure the only time people could pull together will be if aliens invade us. Then we go back to arguing over lines on maps and who's got the biggest dick.
  16. A soft kitten?
  17. Agreed brother! Theres always an agenda and always some kind of "game" to organized religion.. Life is what we make it.. But there is no "right" and "wrong" way to go about it like many religions think. I believe most organized religions mean well but misinterpret what was really said in the Bible.. All these religious leaders and speakers were trying to same the same thing.. That "god" is within every one of us.. Then why do most religions associate the divine with something "otherworldly" that must be reached?
  18. It makes me angry because there's no fuckin way they can know the things they claim to know

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  19. the softest

  20. Oh shit, there's still hope! They're becoming self-aware lol.
    I was like you. I was raised in a devout Catholic household and went to church every Sunday. I can honestly say that until I turned 18, I never actually missed one Sunday mass.
    Anyway, around the time I was 16, I started questioning all the bullshit. I had always had doubts, but for some reason, they came to the surface. I think it was when my grandmother died and for 9 days, my extended family (20 or so cousins, 8 or 9 aunties) came over to my house to do the Novena thing where you do the rosary for 9 days after someone dies so they get into heaven or some shit. It pissed me off because it was like they were trying to bring her back. All the false hope and phony small-talk got to me.
    My parents didn't let me quit the church till I was 18 and I only got to quit because they sort of kicked me out. It was kind of like those "my house, my rules" kind of things, so I moved towns and they let me go.
    There is so much bullshit to discuss about Christianity that it's not even worth mentioning. In my opinion, the worse thing is the indoctrination of infants. The church used to teach that if a child was to die un-baptised, it would go to hell. This instilled fear into believers so that babies are now baptised and institutionalised, knowing nothing beyond the church until they reach higher education, by the time which they will already have established a narrow-minded, strong sense of denial which is difficult to break.
    Most Christians preach Jesus' teachings, but never actually live them.
    So the answer to your question: Yes.

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