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Does changing strains get you higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 123mac123, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. ive been smoking everysay for about a month now, and im starting to have to smoke more and more weed to get high. I dont know if its a factor, but Ive tried a couple diffrrennt strains recently, and whenver I try a new strain I always get higher than on then the previous strain for a while, Is there any reason behind this? id like anyone to explain how much of a difference the strain makes.

    as well, someone told me I could be building immunity since I do it daily, is that true?
  2. It probably will, you usually build up a tolerance to specific strains faster then a general tolerance.
  3. The more you do it, the higher your tolerance gets, so the more you need to smoke. As for the strains, I think you are just getting better strains each time.
  4. Not necessarily gets you 'higher' but does imply a different high effect than smoking the same strain of bud consistently. Changing strains gives your sensory receptors in your brain that activate once THC levels in your blood rise something new to detect. Your brain will get used to the same strain if smoked everyday and therefore will not need to work as hard for you to trip.

    Overall moral, changing strains gives a chance for your brain to work and identify the new shit, allowing a nicer and 'newer' experience.
  5. Yep, thats why i dont buy alot of one thing
  6. No, it doesn't, at all. These people have absolutely no clue what they're talking about and they're wrong.
  7. Some is stronger than others so yep its possible...different strains affect different ways
  8. you build up tolerance to whatever is in that specific strain.

    Whenever you smoke some different strain, its going to be a different high, and you wont have the tolerance for it.

    Tolerance goes away pretty fast, id say at least 50% tolerance gone in 4 days of not smoking.
  9. yeah definitely, also changing your smoking method up works too.. i usually just keep it simple nowdays, especially if the bud's super potent, and use my spoon... but when i feel that tolerance keeping my high down i'll throw a joint in the mix, or shit yesterday i threw some knives on the stove...

    stoned to the guord.
  10. In my experience it does but I wouldn't go as far as saying higher maybe a different sense of high?
    All I smoke is dank,no seeds you get what I'm saying
    So after about 2-3 days of haze I am about ready to switch to something else like a diesel for example

    It could be the difference in highs (as in body buzz or head high)
    But all I know is that I feel higher than I was on the first day of a switch then on the 3rd day of the same stuff
    Even if its the same amount^

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