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Does CFL grow box need fan?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by TwiztidToker24, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. I don't want to add a fan to my grow box, im trying to keep it as simple as possible. However if i need it i will add one. A vent duct is out of the question though, I don't have the time or money to set one up.
  2. A good pc fan costs like 8$ on newegg, and is definitely a worthy investment.. The psu might set you back ~30$... If your a cheap bastard, go to the electronics bin of your local dump, and you can get unlimited fans and psu's for free... :)

    It's not NEEDED, but airflow is key to a quality product.
  3. i think it depends how many CFLs you'll put in that box, and what the ambient temps are where you live. If you plan to have more than 100W of CFLs, I'm pretty sure you'll need more than 1 fan to keep it cool. Those things produce a lot of heat!
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    Both of these ^ If it's naturally 85 outside your box then inside w/ lights on will be easliy 90-95 degrees. Air FLOW IS needed so your plants can exchange their oxygen for c02.

    Do you have an intake hole in your box?

    Op you should really look into this:


    EDIT- I run 4x 27w and 2x 23w in my veg cab with two pc fans and a fan inside to move air around the cab, and it STILL gets to around 90-95 when its warm outside.
  5. youll probably regret not doing it properly first time round, i did-and im sure there's many people here that did too
    if you try to cut corners at first, you'll end up dissapointed with what you grow and/or end up spending much more than you would if you would have got the correct equipment first up.thinking of growing mj without even so much as a basic fan is not the way forward.
    take some time till you can do it right
  6. How many cfls 20w for vegging one plant do i need and how big of a grow spot do u need for one iv got it in a little chest of draw that is only 600x300 and got it in with one 20w cfl first time trying indoors
  7. Yea I have about 250 actual watts wuith cfls in my grow box and I have 2 120mm pc fans for exhaust and a small desk fan inside the box and I still struggle to keep temps at mid 80s during thhe day.. so yes, you need a fan lol

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