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Does certain weed make you bug

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flying faded, May 5, 2011.

  1. do you ever get weed that you just always bug on cuz the last to pick ups i got ive been buggin bad..or is it just my attitude
  2. can you explain what you mean? I've heard people say certain things that sound similar so i would say its attitude? I dont think I bug on weed :)
  3. A high THC/CBD ratio in the cannabis will produce a greater chance of what your describing as "bugging" happening...if im understanding you correctly

    but im 90% sure its just your attitude and mindset. Just try to relax and clear your mind before you go smoke a bowl, i find that when i am ready to get high and i embrace the high, it feels much more potent and pleasant.
  4. Yes, sativas are very trippy and mindracing. Some people can't handle them...
  5. when i first started Id only bug when my friends fucked with me, now i dont bug at all its most likely mindset
  6. Like Sickleg said, sativas are mind-racing. They can cause quite a bit of anxiety if you're not prepared for them.
  7. I have no idea what the OP is saying, am i just high?
  8. Ive got a half O of these high mids which just give the most overpowering noises in your ears, I can imagine people not liking it
  9. Yea, certain strains of bud lets say you manged to get headband, or a landrace sativa, you may get too high or get some good sativa, mind stone vs body stone. So eithor smoke less and know your limits, some on and get a higher tolerance to tolerate the crazy good weed, or space out your smoke session.
  10. you shouldn't if you're old enough.... are you?
  11. It all depends on my mood going into my session. I have smoked the same strain and gotten different results all 3 days. I believe that the strain definitely might make you more vulnerable to anxiety but overall it is your mood.

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