Does Cannibas "count" it's days in flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MtRainDog, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. I know that to determine whether to begin flowering, a plant monitors its ratio of active:inactive phytochrome pigment within a 24hr period.

    But is there a similar process involved with the length of a photoperiod? For instance, a breeder would claim that their strain flowers in 67 days. Does the plant monitor a pigment or hormone to determine when it's finished? Or do environmental factors such as the power of the light source factor in? (i.e., a 250w HPS grow vs. 1000w HPS grow)

    I understand that "finished" is a relative term, and might mean different things to you than to me. When I say finished, I mean by some measurable result, such as the degradation of trichomes?

  2. longer light on will say 14/10 will make it take longer to flower . and a 10 on 14 off will speed it up.. power of the lights nothing to do with it as long as plant is getting the correct amount of light not to stress it .
    so the plant decides when to be done . there engineered flower and grow a special way.and time .
    most breeders over estimate how fast a plant will flower suggest adding a additional 7 to 14 days to whatever they say unless your growing zambezia there damn near correct on every strand
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  3. Thanks, that’s interesting about going a 10:14 or 14:10 schedule. I’ve encountered a few breeders over the years that recommend such a light schedule for a particular strain, but never gave it much thought. This might actually be really useful when growing a long flowering sativa...

    Totally agree about breeders’ underestimates. I mostly seem to have to go 10 weeks, but there’s been a few quick indicas over the years that have actually finished in 8.
  4. 7 weeks . black berry strand 5 years ago . not sure what black berry. always done in 7 weeks 8 weeks was dark triclom like coffee . kept the mother plant for almost 1.5 years she got tired of having foot long clones cut off her . she got stressed started to form 1 finger fan leaves she grey 7 foot tall and chopped back down to about 12 inches. i had a thousand watt mh on top of her . i have to say i actually felt sad when i had to retire her . it was like putting my dog to sleep. was one of my fastest largest yields highest quality only to be desired again.

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