Does cannabis rely on hours of dark or hours of light?

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  1. What I mean is I don't currently have a timer for my growbox(the one I bought didn't have a ground...) so I've been having to set my alarm at 5 am every day to turn the lights on and then turning them off at 9:00 or so. Problem is, my alarm didn't go off this morning and the lights didn't get turned on until 9:30am.

    So, in order to stress the seedlings as little as possible, should I wait a few more hours to turn the lights off(so they get the correct hours of light) or should I turn em off now?

    Sorry if I can't phrase this right, I just smoked a j with my bro.

  2. Dude...I stopped reading right there...go turn your light on...leave it on all the time...seedlings and vegging plants can take 24 hours of light a your money and get a proper timer for when you want to flower...your fine...

  3. Well keep on reading because I'm putting these plants outdoors and some of them are very photosensative so they could go into early flowering if not dealt with right.

    I ask more out of curiosity than actual need.
  4. Hours of light during veg, hours of dark during flower. Read up.
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    Link to that info? I've definitely read plenty so don't give me that lmao.
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    If there in veggitive stage then you run your lights up 24/0 if you want. If they are in flowering stage its 12/12.

    Your not stressing the seedlings at all with at 24/0 light sced. They will love it. On the number of hours of lights on its somewhat flexible like you could do 20 on 4 off 18 on 6 off..but flowering its a strict 12/12

    They will go into early flowering if you put them on a 12/12. Thats how we all force our plants into flowering.

  7. Oh my god mate! Please, go an read up on growing and don't post stupid shit like this in here! Bloody hell!

    1: Go and buy a new fucking timer, they are like $5!

    Simple Rule:

    Seedling: 24/0 or 18/6
    Vegetative: 18/6
    Flower: 12/12

    Fuck these times up, and you'll get fucked up plants... Very simple... Please, think before you post again, I hate ignorant shit like this.
  8. What, you mean help? Glad to oblige, you won't hear from me again. :mad:
  9. You're a bit rude, sickleg, considering everyone's been going out of their way to help.
    I planned to help too, until I read this.

    EVERYONE knows the light times of an MJ plant.
    If you don't, then as suggested, do some reading. Nobody is obliged to give you specific links.
    Do your homework like the rest of us.
  10. :laughing: figured i could help out, answer your next couple questions before you make a thread for them

    electrolites are not what plants crave

    and when repotting be sure to plant root side down

  11. A pity there's no 'Love It' button
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    Since you all insist on being complete assholes and misinterpreting my question, you can expect nothing but the same attitude from me.

    Yeah, thats if you're doing an indoor grow. I am putting these outdoors and if I had these things under 24/0 light and then put them outside they would go into flowering in lat may and I DO NOT WANT THAT.

    Here is a quote from female seeds regarding Purple maroc(my strain im growing)

    "The best sowing time is mid April to mid May. We wouldn't recommend pre-growing them indoors, because they are semi-auto-flowering and this would cause them to start flowering in May outdoors. They need the longer days and intensive midsummer sun to keep them in growth."

    That means these plants will go into flowering, like most plants, long before the light cycle actually reaches 12/12.

    Well I hate ignorant fools who constantly talk down to people when they don't even understand the what the person is asking.
    Help?? Please... Don't let the door hit you lmao. :mad:

    Yes I am being rude because I was given hasty copypasta answers from everybody when they didn't fully understand what I was asking in the least. Plus I'm an asshole so it comes natural ;).

    Ok everybody, let me try to rephrase my question so you all don't jump to the conclusion that I don't understand the basic rules for light regarding cannabis. My question is a bit more complicated than you all are making it.

    In case you guys don't know, which is likely because most of you are indoor growers, if I don't try to match my light schedule up with the actual sunrise and sunset, i could have my extremely photosensitive plants go into flower as soon as I put them outside. This would ruin my season because of the stress involved with re-vegging and the typical low yield of re-vegged plants.

    My question is, in it's most generalized form, which causes the plant to switch into flower the length of the light or the dark period. For example, could I put my plants under 20/12(yes I know this isn't a 24 hour cycle) and have them go into flower. Or can I have them 12/20 and still keep them in veg? I know this doesn't make much sense to you guys, but it's the most clear way I could phrase my question.

    So how this applies to me. If my plants are used to a 16/8 schedule, and they accidentally have an abnormally long dark period by 5 hours or so, should I focus on still giving them the full 16 hours of light(the dark period would be shorter before the next day) so they don't get upset or should I focus on shutting the light off at the normal time(the light period would be shorter for the current day, but the dark period would be normal for the next day)
  13. Can you ask your question again :)
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    This is what I really thought you were asking when you originally posted.

    Cannabis is reliant on the 12 hours of dark to determine when to flower.
    As long as you have a minimum of 12 hours of straight darkness, the plants will flower happily. The 'light' period isn't important in this context. And vice versa. Happy?

    Incidentally, you're currently giving your plants 16/8. I recommend that you go up to 18/6, 20/4 or, like me, 24/0. Dope plants don't really need darkness until flowering and especially not 8 hours dark per day.
  15. i understand you want 1 to 2 hours more inside light then outside light so say right now outside you are getting 14 hours u wanna give them inside 15 to 16 hours when they are inside thats what i have read on this sight anyhow and seems to be in agreement hope that finally answers your ?

  16. I guess I'll say it again lol. I can't have these under 24/0 or anything close or they'll flower when i put them in the ground outside. Thank you for the other info though.
  17. your a fuckin idiot. All these people are helping you and you just have smart ass remarks. Put it this way, go Fuck yourself. :)

  18. Give me one example of someone giving me legitimate help and then me being an asshole.

    Tell you what, you go take a big long fat didgeridoo and stick it right down-under(pssst that's your ass) and hightail it right the fuck out of my bloody thread and back to australia you smelly sack of koala shit. :)

    But seriously, this thread should be closed. Too much ass-hattery going on for my taste.
  19. Threads like this are why GC has neg reps...

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