Does cannabis allow you to feel emotion?

Discussion in 'General' started by camram, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I guess it varies for me. Most of the time cannabis has me at full blown happy but this Sour D I have let's me feel emotion. In other words Sour D let's me feel sad, so the other end of the spectrum.
  2. Happy is an emotion too.
  3. Of course. It enhances my emotions!
  4. thats weird.
    dont smoke weed when your sad bro.
  5. Of course not, everyone who smokes is instantly assimilated into the Borg.

    Dammit, I swore I wouldn't let the geek show.
  6. Before I quit, the dominate emotion was fear
  7. Yeah I guess I get enhanced emotions. If I am happy then I get happier. I just smoke a lot of different strains and Sour D kind of a downer sativa for me at least.
  8. Are you never going to smoke again? Why did you quit if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Two reasons. My smoking group was not a great one. Some claimed to have gang affiliations, others had no direction, wanted no direction, and only cared about getting money for the next bag of weed or pack of cigarettes. Frankly I just wasnt comfortable being around them.

    The other is for my career.

    So will I smoke again? Who knows. If it happens, it happens, but not until it will do more good than bad
  10. When I smoke I can't stop smiling, well, that is unless I have just gotten super paranoid about something. That doesn't happen to often though. Anyway, about 60% of the time I spend being high I'm super happy, another 30% I'm more mellowed out, and the other 10% I'm thinking hardcore about something or I'm tweaking (paranoid meaning, not relating to the unmentionable.)
  11. Doin the robot dance, robot dance, robot dancee!!!

  12. I saw one of your posts from a while ago and you said you quit because you were living with your parents. You said you got pulled over by a cop and he only let you go because it was your moms birthday the next day and you said "as long as I'm living with my parents, I won't smoke" or something. Were the other two reasons things you realized afterwards that made you continue to not smoke?
  13. Sure, it enhances the emotions I feel and makes me introspective enough to think about why I feel the emotions that I do.
  14. Hi camram, I'm new here. My two cents4u ...

    Sometimes it's good to feel sad. Doesn't mean something is wrong. It can be good to dump some shit that's been bothering you and reflect. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Hope this helps
  15. My dominate emotion when smoking is just nervousness. I get so socially awkward when I'm high even though I'm usually a very sociable and outgoing guy when I'm sober. Weird drug. Still love it though.
  16. Yeah, it's definitely not the weed.
    I have yet to even hear about a strain that doesn't make you euphoric haha.
    But even though all weed does make you feel happy, it doesn't mean you're going to.
    You're still in control of your body, so whatever you're thinking about, or how you feel is exactly how you're going to feel.
    I don't think weed will control my emotions, because for the most part I'm an overall happy person, but I do think it puts you into a deeper emotional mood, depending on what emotion you are feeling.
  17. I only feel happiness when high.
  18. fuckk yea man like 50x more emotions than sober but sometimes cannibus makes me feel emotionless.
  19. Pot makes me feel chill and violent, when i blaze and listen to pantera i just wanna FUCK SHIT UP

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