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does caffeine consumption speed up metabolism?

Discussion in 'General' started by speechless, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. i googled it, but on every website there are contradicting answers. does anyone know?
  2. I only know that my gut says maybe...

    Ive been drinking a shitload of coffee lately so we'll see
  3. On it's own, caffeine doesn't increase metabolism, but it gives you the ability to do so. It increases respiration and stimulates the central nervous system. This will make it easier to move quicker/ push yourself harder while exercising or whatever under it's influence. Drinking coffee alone and sitting there won't burn extra calories, unless you're tapping your foot like crazy or twitching around
  4. I know they use it in the EC stack which is ephedrine and caffeine used for fat loss and also concentration.

    it being a stimulant I would assume would, and it just might be finding the right dosage that fits you.
  5. It does, yes, but only to a negligible amount...i.e. if you need to lose weight, taking caffeine isn't going to help.

    As has already been stated, it's a key component in an ECA or EC stack. Ephedrine alone isn't very useful for revving up your metabolism, but throw in some caffeine and your metabolism will go through the roof. The two (ephedrine and caffeine) work far better together than they do apart.

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