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Does boiling a pipe to clean it weaken the glass?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by As Above So Below, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Pretty much what the title says. The method I heard to use for boiling was start with cool water, place the pipe in the pot, then turn the stove on (so the piece doesn't break going from room temp to burning hot). My friend says he never does this since boiling it "weakens the glass". Is this true? I'm pretty sure it takes a lot more than 400F to weaken/break glass, even after doing it multiple times. Just something I was thinking about today lol
  2. Water doesnt weaken the glass but you have to be very careful that the boiling water doesnt cause the pipe to chip on the pot its in. I just let mine soak in 90% alcohol and it comes out looking brand new.
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    the rapid heat change could crack your pipe... I'd imagine if you put it in the water before it boils, and leave it in the water as it cools down the temperature change would be slowed so it shouldn't be an issue.
  4. Yeah, dont do anything that might change the temperature of the glass too quickly. It will crack. then you'll be :(
  5. I think its pretty muchly common knowledge not to put a cold bowl in already boiling water. It may also be a good idea to soak it in alcohol or acetone before you boil it. But DON'T GET THE ALCOHOL/ACETONE ANYWHERE NEAR AN OPEN FLAME.
  6. Water boils at 212F and unless it's under pressure, or salt is added, it will not get any hotter.
  7. put it in a metal strainer so it can't bang around inside the pot
  8. i just mixed hot water out of the tap with some salt and put it into a plastic cup. Not the cheap throw away ones..but the thick ones people give their kids to use (just so it doesnt melt). The i just kinda scrubbed it with my hands and let it soak on and off for a while. I changed the water twice and it was sparkling clean.

    I did this with my bowl for my bong...but same concept.
  9. Boiling it will soften up up the crud but won't dissolve it like alchohol. You'll still have to fuck around with pipe cleaners and a gooey sticky mess. Hot water won't rinse it out. Not really worth the effort IMO, use alcohol - it works a lot better.
  10. The bubbles from the boiling water streaming up can rattle the pipe around and since its so hot any stress fractures that are there could be exemplified, just use alcohol or Simply Green

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